Citroën DS D Super 5 (1973). Demolition brings life.

Citroën DS D Super 5 (1973). Demolition brings life.
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You should read the following story while sitting down because you will fall from one surprise to the next. Let's start with the current owner first. For more than 20 years he has been engaged in the serious work of Citroëns to restore and give a new life. The Citroën DS D Super 5 from this story became part of that. For him, that means enjoying every classic. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

It goes without saying that this hobbyist has golden hands and is very eager to work, because he has successfully completed many restorations. He must be madly in love with everything Citroën is, that is also apparent when you drive into his yard and take a look in his shed. Impeccable classics, a beautiful GS, a patina 2CV, an Ami 6 under restoration, a new condition Citroën DS. Also in his house there is a Citroënatmosphere through model manuals, workshop manuals and magazines. 

The life story of the Citroën DS D Super 5

In 1973 the brand new Citroën DS D Super 5 registered at the Van der Mei garage in Gorredijk. In our minds we see the first owner, proudly driving home, the neighbors out to view the new property. The car was perfectly maintained, every turn performed optimally. The car immediately received a rust-resistant treatment and was driven economically. After 4 years the car was sold to a farmer who enjoyed it until 1982. 


After 9 years and 140.000 km of practical experience on the road, disaster struck. A leak in the hydraulic system caused the car to be a total loss. After all, the repair would be more expensive than the old car was worth, a few hundred guilders, and the farmer decided Citroën DS D Super 5 to put in the shed. The repair would come later was the thought. (And as so often it was just a thought.) 


The car entered the 'forget book', was completely surrounded by agricultural implements in the barn. The mice took possession of the original plush seats and the sneaky rusty devil was given free rein. The assassin inflicted many wounds on the sheet metal. It soon became clear that after many years the DS would succumb, certainly because the farmer saw no benefit in 'nursing'. The Citroën DS D Super 5 was especially attacked in the most vulnerable places, such as the hollow spaces of the body and chassis. 

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bruised surprise

Words fall short when you read this Citroën DS D Super 5 see. Once an example of automotive architecture and now waiting for the earth to dust it again. For Sipke it was 'Demolition makes life', because he used the parts for the restoration of his own DS. As a true mechanic, this cast-off was a gift and after stripping all usable parts, it is only suitable for the Hoogovens. A painful history, but still special that we were able to enjoy the decorative rusty in this way and capture the story for you. 

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  1. Dear F., if you have time to write, you also have time to proofread. And that other word used by "marking", I think is puberty, doused in alcohol, resulting in korsokov

  2. Agree with Onno – definitely unstyled to put someone away like that.

    @JP I don't think that criticism is justified. Always easy to comment from the sidelines, but the Auto Motor Klassiek bits are generally pleasantly written and still free in the bargain. 'Just read your text' I find very easy. Then help to reach your desired level by giving some suggestions.

  3. Please less language errors. Just read your text and you're done. Nice story about just about the greatest icon of the 20th century car. (21st does not participate!)

  4. Magnificently beautiful cars and very luxurious, but they were not maintenance-friendly, very difficult to work on before the timing chain had to remove the engine.
    And then rust I have an ex citroen I have already heard from a mechanic that they sometimes broke in two behind the front door after five years, there are also the most slaughter after years and that takes a lot of restoration.

    • Funny that you're rusting Citroën from the 50s-60s-70s; which brand and which car was not available at that time?

      Because with the D-series the gearbox is in front of the block, instead of what is now usual behind it, the block has literally been turned around.
      And so distribution is now behind.
      The block does not have to be removed for this, and the chain lasts more than 2 tons.

      By the way, the DSuper is an ID; the cheaper version of the DS.
      This story makes me think; my Super (4-speed) has also been hanging in the stirrups for almost 20 years waiting for completion…mmmm

      • And breaking through after 5 years is nonsense; then, more than 50 years later, there wouldn't be that many driving around..
        Yes; a D-series can rust… but the sills stay good for a long time.
        Other places are more notorious…

  5. Sadness trump. But when the parts are transplanted back to a patient to be saved, there is quite a bit of happiness.
    A good action and well done!

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