Citroën Dyane 6 (1968). Beautiful lines of spider webs

Citroën Dyane 6 (1968)
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If your third phase of life is already longer than your childhood phase, the memories will return to the time of that time. Like to your first car. (And that feeling doesn't fade.) So why not look for your first (car) love and buy it again? The search alone can be satisfying. This one Citroën Dyane, for example, is unlikely to make a major stock market attack. He must have been put aside ungratefully given his long stay in a dark shed. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

After many years, the car sees daylight again. Watching this French lady in her gloomy state already gives a special feeling. The beauty asleep under the dust. The spiders are intact and the smell of superficial rust all around. The possible purchase is then probably based on nostalgia and emotion. Pathetic? No, this car with its own character can be saved by a hardworking mechanic and then the fight for preservation can begin. 

Dyane 6 Commercial 

The Dyane likes to admit that it is a more luxurious duck. First and foremost, he's very easy going. With a fifth door, a completely free luggage space with the option of a folding rear seat. Citroën, who taught her what driving means: road holding, safety, comfort and elegance. 

Strong statement from the folder: 'Citroën Dyane has immediately found her calling and that is to guide and serve you everywhere. She is beautiful and elegant, she wants to be loved and not only does everything she does for you, she will continue her triumphant career ever further. ' 

Two versions

The Dyane was offered in two versions. A base model with a 425 cc engine and in addition the Dyane 6 - like the model in the photo from 1968 - with a 602 cc engine with 28 hp. At power and speed and a range of 110 km per hour. 

The car is only waiting for a new owner.


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  1. Even though I don't aspire to own a Dyane. I would think it would be a great shame if she had to be buried with all those pets. Fortunately, this petit lady has been saved.

  2. Now sold to a real Citrofiel. This one ends up in a good nest with many others Citroëns. @Gerard, a price you don't buy an electric bike for these days. So given the prices nowadays a bargain.

    Small addition to the article the first Dyane's had a 425cc engine (8 / 67-3 / 68) then next the Dyane 4 with 435cc 3 / 68-9 / 75 and the Dyane 6 with 602cc (1 / 68-6 / 83) . The 602cc engines had power ratings from 26hp to 35hp.

  3. my first citroen was a used acadyane in 1980, what a wonderful car, covered with deep-pile carpet in the back and a thick radio in it, enjoyed for years ...

  4. Around 2000 2x Dyane with year MOT
    Wonderful cars and quite reliable
    With the first (red) in '98 drove to Barcelona and back. 18 hour ride
    Would like to have one again.
    a 6. Parking is only a challenge
    Find it the most beautiful without 3rd window!

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