Citroën Dyane D6 (1968) by Edwin. Charming appearance.

Citroën Dyane D6 (1968) by Edwin. Charming appearance.
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“During my student days, the Citroën Dyane my first car”, says Edwin during our Coincidental Meeting with him. “At the time, the cars were less well protected against rust and had a short lifespan, worn and with subcutaneous signs of decay, the last ride often went to scrap.” 

By: Dirk de Jong

Edwin continues, “Later I bought a stainless example in France from an 83-year-old first owner in Cahors. The car actually belonged to his wife who had since passed away. I have completely refurbished it technically and later sent some photos to the old owner as a courtesy. He was of course very happy with that. The loving care of his former Citroën Dyane D6 from 1968 served him well. The characteristic of this Citroën is that you can recognize them so easily and luckily there is a lot of enjoyable time in the car hobby.” 

The nicer duck? 

"Mine Citroën Dyane D6 was only made for a year. The first Citroen Dyane received a lot of criticism for the limited engine power with the 425 cc engine of the 2cv. Later, the power unit became stronger. Was the Citroën Dyane now a better 2cv? Was the Dyane's intention to relieve the 2cv? The fact is that sales of the 2CV – despite the introduction of the 'nicer' duck – remained very high.” 

share hobby

Fortunately, in our country we have many classic car enthusiasts who have all joined somewhere to pursue a common goal or to meet 'kindred spirits'. And to share the pleasure of the car hobby. As in this case with the Citroen Dyane van Edwin.

The story of Citroën about the Citroën Dyane

Of course it was Citroën undeniably positive about her Dyane: “We offer unadulterated driving pleasure and many carefree holiday trips. A top of 110 km and a lot of kilometers for little money. A tireless exploration in any terrain and an astonishing smoothness in traffic. Lots of fresh air, the sun for everyone and a seating comfort that you could not wish for better. In addition, a practical fifth door, so plenty of space for your luggage. And the crowning achievement is of course the charming appearance with its graceful line.”

Much more than a car

Owning a Citroën Dyane was nothing special during Edwin's student days, for him it was a useful and necessary means of transport. Now, so many years later, the beautiful Dyane is special. So special that he is now stared at in traffic. It hurts you when you're on the road and passing cars stop for a moment to give you a thumbs up. Not to mention the nice reactions you get. This way people can see how you enjoy the old-timer hobby. The story behind the car is sometimes just as fun as the car itself. 

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  1. Goodbye ducks and dyane lovers. I myself once started 1969 with a duck, 12 hp, with suicide doors. Even lost a front door along the way. Oh yes and the roof, brackets not attached properly. Experienced a move with it. Roof open, rear seat out. Everything was possible. Been up to Norway with it. People didn't know what was going on with that
    Now drive a “Peugeot Partner”, make do….but really everything is transported with it again. Great respect for the French cars. Made purely for convenience. And as quirky as anything…

  2. Also had it in exactly the same color (3rd pane I don't remember) during my studies, my 1st car was a Daf44. A lot of messing around to keep him on the road, because he wasn't too good anymore. Adventures on the highway because, for example, the pipes of the backrest broke and I didn't immediately turn left or right thanks to 2 hands on the steering wheel…. Wooden beams behind it remedied that again. Or that with the enormous top speed on the highway, suddenly the roof decided to let go and the car fluttered like a flying carpet eight 🙂 At the training (HTS Autotechniek A'doorn) we did a practical test "noise measurement" with it. On the highway at 100 km/h it was 102 dBA, no wonder that with the daily ride from H'sum on the highway I got into a kind of lethargic state from which I ended up at the A'doorn exit hahaha…
    I had this Diane after my 1600 Alfa 1966 GT Sprint (had it for 10 years) put it in a garage with family, waiting for better times to overhaul the engine: during my internship year in the Rotterdam Benelux tunnel a hole burned in the piston of the 4th cylinder, there is the connection of the vacuum booster and the non-return valve turned out to have given up the ghost. Well, then air continues to be drawn out there… Yet it still ran fast, lol. Remember that I almost killed myself at the 1st intersection with the Diane, which turned out to be a very different acceleration (…) than the Alfa!
    From the Diana on such a ride to A'doorn, another spark plug with a big pit in the hood blew out. Wire made in it (helicoil), after a spare head of a fellow student immediately blew out the oil pipe after assembly, that did not work and so the old head was made common. Then got rid of the Diane not much later and bought a BMW1600-2 from a friend who had cracked the block without antifreeze (literally). After refurbishing it had a lot of fun, at least a little smoother 🙂 So the transitions were nice from Daf to Alfa to Diane to BMW. Much later also in 2011 from WRX with 280 hp to Ibiza Eco diesel with 75 hp Reliable thing that Ibiza, by the way, but then I drove a 280 km / day for work and 2 days on 1 tank never worked with the WRX and refuel every day bored. Unfortunately then no garage or something, because that WRX belongs to my group of the finest cars I've had (in addition to a homebuilt Cobra with 7 liter V8 and 205GTI 1,9). Reminds me to make a list for myself, because memories are getting further and further away 😉 The lack of the WRX 2 years ago but rectified by buying another one (2003), exactly the same version as the previous one but 2 years older. Delicious now purely for the passion, while it is still possible….
    Oh well, those were completely different times when not almost everyone was attached to the cell phone.

  3. I've had two of those Dyana's one with the 425cc engine and one with the heavier engine.
    Very nice and handy cars had a lot of fun with it

  4. We've had an Acadiane for years for groceries and orders from my parents' restaurant…great car.
    The Dyane had to become the 'more luxurious' 2CV, in order to close the gap between Eend and GS.
    That's what the Ami6 came for later..

    Have fun with your Dyane Edwin!

    • That seems strong to me, the Dyane came in 1968 and the GS in 1970. You are probably confused with the Ami that had to close the gap between the 2CV and the DS.
      The Dyane had to be the answer to the Renault 4 that took a lot of potential buyers away from the 2CV. That is why the Dyane also has a fifth door, just like the R4.

      The Dyane was also built in Iran and Yugoslavia.

      De Dyane once participated in the Monte-Carlo rally. Then finished 80th in its class (out of 84).

  5. This is a very nice one without a third pane!
    Last December (after 20 years) bought another beige from 10-'83.
    Imported from Belgium and still here with the day registration on the way to the garage.
    Beautiful cars for which a lot of knowledge and parts are still available.
    This year I want to take it to the Dordogne

    Citroën Dyane D6 (1968) by Edwin. Charming appearance.

    • In terms of size, that's true, but Ducks always had Michelin tires and those are just the worst for your EML sidecar because the sidewalls are way too slack. The best in the 125-15 size were from Firestone.
      Nowadays I take 135/70-15, but they are a bit lower and wider. Handling is in return ten times better.

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