Citroën GS 1220 Club (1973). Unconditional loyalty of two enthusiasts. 

Citroen GS 1220 Club 1973 1
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20210716 193438 1 1626462704902And you don't only see that loyalty with the beautiful and special Citroën GS 1220 Club, but also at the wedding of their French family friend, a sheep herder of the French Briard breed named: Roos. They are all three passionate Citroëndrivers and before it was purchased 23 years (!) ago, the family already had a bright yellow 1979 GSX. That was their first car and they have been driving it for years. 'Une vehicle excellence'.

By: Dirk de Jong

Owner Méland: “I could write a poem about it, about the comfort during the long journeys to France, about the charm of the French oldie (48 years old), the French atmosphere under the glorious sun.

Fascinating stories

If you listen to the fascinating holiday stories of the owner, you immediately get a picture of the Citroën car hobby. We don't have a button to turn on the fantasy, because it comes spontaneously. We can already see it. The Citroën GS 1220 Club parked in front of the terrace, a glass of wine, a piece of cheese.


The arrival of the Citroën GS was revolutionary, the car even became “Car of the Year” in 1970 with half the points that the international motoring journalists could give. The TF-XF-98 is a neat example, well maintained and it doesn't stop the family from using the car on a daily basis. They are just passionate people who know what excites them, what fascinates them, what energizes them, and makes them happy.

GS 1220 Club

Only one Citroën drives like a Citroën. Today's owners know that the car lies firmly on the road, steers finger light and does everything you expect from an unsurpassed Citroën GS demands. If you know anything about classics, you appreciate the Citroën GS 1220 Club. The club's objective is to keep the GS on the road, and they work towards that goal every day.


Is it always possible to find out where the fascination comes from? You don't have to ask about these two enthusiasts. They feel the atmosphere of yesteryear, the Citroen GS always comes back in living memories.

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  1. It always pleases me to see a GS like this. My parents had an almost identical car from 1975 to 1982, a green Club from 1974 with brown leatherette interior and since I was born in 1978, this model is my earliest childhood memory. Around 2002-2003 I had a 1982 GSA as a restoration project for a few years, but that ended prematurely due to the death of my grandfather where it was parked. Nowadays it remains with (about 40) miniatures, but I do not rule out that, if the opportunity arises and I have the opportunity to give them a warm and dry nest, another copy will come. I don't care which type, as long as it's a GS or GSA.
    I wish owner Méland many more pleasant kilometers with this beautiful palace on wheels.

  2. I also had one, circa 1980, new with such a red TT tax-free number, new, returned after three weeks, in one word, maybe 1 kms driven, a jewel of a car

  3. When my Alfasud drove off a slope in the early 80s, I quickly had to get another gas-powered car, which became a GS in the same color as this one. What a drama. Slow, rusty, and it bounced around the road better with a set of new coilovers, but there was always something, if it wasn't the exhaust then it was a rusted tank or the ignition. The measure was full when the oil cooler broke on the Blok and the entire interior was filled with soot black smoke. Handed it over to a colleague and he was standing with his belly on the ground after a repaired oil cooler somewhere in Vriesland with a hydraulic leak.
    Later I drove 2 times with great pleasure 2 x XM and somewhere a CX still itch.

  4. We also drove a GSA Break at home in the late 70s.
    A gasoline-smelling interior quickly suggested that the exhaust bends were cracked, an expensive repair.
    Wonderful car.
    “Thank you for flying Citroën".
    It infected me for life…

  5. My brother had a GSA, the modified model with the plastic bumpers and the ugly big plastic taillights.
    Despite the relatively small engine, it drove like a spear and it did indeed stick to the road, a turbo would have been completely unnecessary with a GS.
    I have serviced once. After I took out the old spark plugs, I almost couldn't find the holes to put the new ones in. Citroen has always been special with its weird constructions.
    All in all a very nice comfortable mini DS
    They have also been available for a short time with a Wankel engine

    Unknown 1

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