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Citroën HY
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I am almost certain that the clock does not always indicate the time you are experiencing. When you walk into the Citrotech garage in Oldebroek, you become completely absorbed in your classic hobby and afterwards say, very surprised: “Is it that late already? Where did that time go? ” Ronald and Aalt are not dressed like a Frenchman in a velvet jacket and a dark beret. But let it be seen Citroën for them is a great brand with a strong image that still radiates creativity today. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

De Citroën models we found in the garage, including one Citroën Traction Avant and a Citroën DS have both made history. The first eye-catcher, however, was a HY Camper van from 1962 in a beautiful two-color version with a spare tire on the back that makes it clear what Citrotech means. 


A look in the garage was again astonishing, as four characteristic HYs in a row, the last two of which are clearly restoration projects. The 67-64-VB is also a 1977 camper van with the trade name 1600, while the BE-29-22 is designated as a van (1954). The 1954 van still has the separate windows at the front and the hefty Citroën logo, while the 77 already has a large window and a smaller 'double chevron'. 


According to Ronald and Aalt, passionate ones come regularly Citroën fans along, just to watch. A tour of the company is therefore gladly given. It is therefore better to let Ronald van Zanden and Aalt Mulder speak: 

“Over time, we have built up a very large collection of well-fitting and used parts of our specialty (HY and DS). If there are no more original or replacement parts available, good alternatives are sought, or parts copied so that our customers can be served perfectly. Technical support is a prerequisite to keep driving and enjoying yourself without any problems. ” 

Love runs deep 

It's very clear what the focus is, but the Citrotech services go to all classic types of Citroën. In the event of a breakdown, even the 'depannage' car comes along for the necessary 'assistance'. Helping you with advice and assistance is a sign of passion for Citroën. The classic world can consider itself fortunate that there are still professionals who can still make the rough diamonds shine.

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  1. Hello Zusammen, habe im Jahr 2016 einen Citroen HY Currus (long and high) Baujahr 1969 kauft und seitdem steht der in einer Fahrzeughalle. Eigentlich wollte ich damals ein Food Truck – Konzept umsetzten. Irgendwie habe ich aber nie die Kraft brought, mich dirrig darum zu kümmern. Das Fahrzeug hat im selben Jahr 2016 von der Dekra die Note 3+ erhalten, mit einem Wert von 36.500€!

    Das war dann auch der Preis, den ich dafür bezahlt habe. Jetzt suche ich einen Liebhaber, der dieses Fahrzeug und selber rerichtet oder eine vertrauenswürdige Firma die dieses Fahrzeug komplett für mich rerichtet und ich es dann vermiete oder kaufe. Freue mich , wenn Ihr mirhalf eine wirklich gute Firma zu finden. Sollte hier jemand Interest an dem Fahrzeug haben, freue ich mich auf Kontaktaufnahme.

  2. Look at these vans. Everything in the front and rear of the luggage compartment with plenty of space for… luggage. And that since 1946. At VW they only realized in 1990 (with the T4) that this should be the case.

  3. My father as a milkman had an extended HY, which was standard, dairy farmers own, too heavily loaded. Power steering did not exist yet and since we had to go up many narrow dikes and roads, this car gave you muscle. When he eventually went away (had to) he was completely worn out, making a camper or something of it was no longer possible.

  4. Indeed, Hanslanz. Citrotech delivers quality you can rely on and trust (even have green blood, I've heard).

    Fun and special cars that Hy's. Those tough workhorses brought France back on its feet after the war. And the village butcher, the village baker, the camper and the fashionable wine bar.

  5. And by "" parts are copied "" is meant that very complex technical parts of, for example, the DS are produced with the utmost precision. I have heard from enthusiasts in France that Citrotech was the only worldwide that could deliver this quality.
    I thought that should be emphasized even more. Hence.

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