Citroën Qatar (1982). Inspiration in action. 

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A Qatar what? When you hear the name, does it get acutely foggy in your head? You can bet that you have something very special as the owner of this one Citroën 'kitcar'. You don't have a car like that to yourself. Everyone who sees the car enjoys this funny and practical pickup. If you enter the name Sifft Katar into your buzzing machine, you will be extensively informed about the development of this Mèhari-type off-road vehicle.

By: Dirk de Jong

On the chassis of a 2CV (duck) was a 4 × 4 drive from Voison and the company Sifft built a strong glass fiber reinforced polyester body on a steel galvanized chassis.

Inspiration in action

The real story comes from one Citroënspecialist who was commissioned to use the 4 × 4 chassis for another car, leaving the gracefully lined bodywork. It now became a 'rescue operation'. As an expert in French voitures, he had a very good chassis of a Dyane, with which he married the Qatar. It actually means that you can no longer call the car Qatar, because it is of course no longer original, but it remains the appearance that counts. He is also given the identity of the donor car (Dyane).

Birth certificate

The birth certificate therefore indicates that we must speak of one Citroën Qatar Visa 625 2CV / Dyane. This collector's item is a composite car, the chassis of a Dyane with the plastic body of the Sifft Katar and the 652 cc engine of a Visa.


What has remained is the beauty, with excellent driving characteristics. A striking and certainly rare car that will attract a lot of attention on the road. A nice car if you want to distinguish yourself: Le modèle idéal

The hunting ground

The location of this creation was the parking lot of Lijzenga (Citroën- and Peugeot specialist) in the Frisian Damwoude. It has often been proven that these people have a mild disorder. It is not only doing business with the modern sacred cows, but also searching for classics and special models such as these: Citroën Qatar Visa 625cc engine 2CV / Dyane.

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  1. Yes, this is certainly a very fun car to drive. And I can assure you (as the previous owner) you will have a lot of attention.
    I put the floodlights on it, no idea what brand it is. The car is composed of several Citroënso it was still a fun search for some parts. Which made the possession even more interesting. In short, a nice rare car (about 240 made).

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