Citroën Type H Ambulance (1961) by Edwin. 'Flaming Love'.

Citroën Type H Ambulance (1961)
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If the word Citroën falls then a big grin appears on Edwin's face, because he is addicted to Citroën. The hobby is his greatest passion. You can see that even more in his 'Petit Musée', because there are even more voitures shining there. In addition to the Carrier-built Citroën Type H Ambulance there is a Traction Avant 11 B (1952), a Citroën Dyane D 6 (1968) and a Citroën AZU (1961), which finally started the story for Edwin. 

By: Dirk de Jong

As a preview, we also show the photo of the Citroën Let's take a look at AZU from 1961, because it goes without saying that we would like to pay attention to this in a next article. Probably one of the most beautiful vans in the Netherlands, a car that Edwin has owned for 27 years. 

Network of Citrophiles

You sometimes wonder how it is possible that having a classic car of the same brand can bring so many people together. Perhaps you should call it fraternization, because the common interests have resulted in strong friendships in the region for Edwin. The result has a positive effect, because you don't get outspoken about it, you can lose your energy in it and it makes you happy. 

Order ducks meeting

At a delivery meeting in Leersum, an H came to Edwin's retina, which no longer went off. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be carried away by enthusiasm and it is safer to let Edwin tell the story himself about his purchase of the charming apparition: The Citroën Type H Ambulance from 1961. 

Edwin: “We had been attending the delinquent meeting in Leersum with our AZU for years, when several people suddenly had an H. Since we now had two children and the AZU was too small for our family, it seemed a good idea to buy an H. Coincidentally, a friend knew of one and we quickly went to have a look. It was an old fire truck from 1961 with a bar in the windshield and folding direction indicators. It had been in the Netherlands for a few years and was no longer used. Immediately bought of course and since 2004 we are in possession of this beautiful Frenchman. He is originally from a medieval town in the south of France. It had served for 38 years – first as an ambulance – and later the bus was used by the diving team of the fire brigade, although there was little rust to be found, there was technically a lot to do.” 

The adventure

“We soon made beautiful trips with the Citroën Type H Ambulance to France and also England. What struck me was that the engine was strong enough, but revved a lot on the highway. To solve this, I put a four-speed gearbox in it, so that it drives more smoothly on the highway. Later the block was tickled with an electronic ignition and a larger carburetor, with the top speed now being 120 km per hour.” 

Charming appearance

“It is a super fun holiday experience, we are approached everywhere and people are enthusiastic. In Brittany we even got stuck on a roundabout once, because the man (with alpinopet) wanted to know how old he was. Also scared an old lady, who thought there was a fire at the campsite. But we quickly reassured her, there was only talk of 'flaming love'. For me, the recognizable characteristic Citroën Type H Ambulance an ideal combination of my car hobby and doing something fun with the family. It is a double adventure to discover new places with a 60-year-old angular – ribbed – bus.” 

What are friends saying about Edwin?

"Citroën has stolen his heart, his enthusiasm is boundless. He knows the history, masters car technology, is helpful to everyone when it comes to technical problems. His heart beats faster with cars out of the Citroënpast, sniffing nostalgia always gives him a kick.” That's what Edwin's friends tell the editors.  

Owning a vintage car has an effect on happiness. That Edwin cherishes the contacts and his riding heritage is not so remarkable after reading his story, is it?

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Citroën AZU from 1961
De Citroën AZU from 1961, to which we would like to come back later


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  1. Citroen is in your blood. My first car was a 1971 azu. Many more would follow. Visa diesel 2 times. 3 times C15 diesel including 1 cool/camper version. GS semi-automatic. ami . CX break. CX gti . BX Break. 4 times DS.. A 23/21 semi-automatic and a beautiful red one with the round headlights. And a beige DSbreak. Not to mention my 3 Hy's. The first one brought me to Portugal Greece Yugoslavia Italy and of course France his homeland. And that with max 90 km per hour and brakes that were not to be trusted. The latter sold a very cool beautiful red for a now crying amount in guilders. Citroen is in my heart. And it is with melancholy that I read the stories about it. Having an entire field of Hy's on a camping site was also a one-time part of thinking back. Post your stories I like to read them. Country where I now live is not a beautiful classic citroen to find. Pity..

    Screenshot 2021 07 01 13 46 17 24

  2. I used to have two Dianas and an ugly duck.
    My wife always drove it.
    The first thing I did after such a purchase was to overhaul the brakes was always a weak point with those cars.
    Had a lot of fun with those cars.

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