Classic beauty: Daf 600

Daf 600

Germ Kloosterman from the Frisian Dokkum had a Centra store around the sixties, where as extra services the groceries were delivered at home in a DAF 600. The food landscape changed and a completely new supermarket (C1000) was established. The DAF, however, remained ready, but it was parked, one could not say goodbye to the 'clever poker'. Anno 2018, the store formula C1000 has also disappeared, but the DAF 600 has not, it still runs. Mr. Kloosterman puts his enthusiasm in this, for he is after all the anchor to the past. When he speaks about this Dutch heritage, his voice and attitude change. And that enthusiasm is real, the classic fans sense that. Take a look at that photo, beautiful and sober in line, it is of course museum quality with the difference that it is still being driven, in other words 'driving heritage'. Germ Kloosterman wants to revive history with this, the DAF 600 is now no longer for transporting groceries, but mainly for pleasing .... For him, the DAF 600 is the pure beauty through its simplicity. In short: if you drive DAF you have friends, the feast of recognition, memories of how it was, wonderful to relive it. In fact ... for him, the DAF makes life AF .... Can it be more enthusiastic ?? Dirk de Jong

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