Oldtimer and Classic Beurs Leek will be an impressive classic party

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From 7 to 9 October, Leek is all about a beautiful classic event. During these days, the 21e edition of the Oldtimer and Classic Beurs Leek takes place in Sportcentrum Leek. Many old-timer and motorcycle enthusiasts have now registered to come to Leek. There is a large number of clubs among those present, who come up with cars and motorcycles that have never been shown before.

This year, those responsible again managed to get exclusive vintage cars to Leek. A nice Renault Marne Taxi from 1912, for example, will liven up the Sports Center in Leek. In the first world war, French troops were transported with this car. The Traction Avant 22 is also special. The special thing about this one Citroën is that he never came into production. He did stand at the Paris 1934 salon. Visitors can ascertain in Leek the presence of a beautiful replica. The organization also draws attention to the beautiful Mercury Marquis from 1967 from Jan Bies from Haulerwijk. And a Volkswagen Beetle should definitely not be missing at a fair of this stature. The organization has succeeded in getting a special police beetle from 1957 to Leek.

Vive La France

What is special is that the associations with French vintage cars and classics come together on one stand. And of course there are also vintage cars and classics from various other brands. There will be a large number of American vintage cars, sports cars and classics from various decades to admire. The pre-World War II period also plays a significant role. Furthermore, the Veteranen Motoren Club comes with a nice collection of sidecar and tricycle engines. And of course there are many other brands represented.

Industry-wide presence

Various classic and young-timer specialists come to Leek. The Leekster concept of Hofman, for example, plays a home game and other companies will also play a significant role. Furthermore, many sales stands with parts, thumbnails, books, documentation, tools and a lot of automobiles from the '50 and' 60 years will get a nice place within the fair, which has a size of 8.000 m2.

Event arrangement

During the 21st Oldtimer & Classic Fair, the Tax and Customs Administration's events regulation is in effect. From Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 October, the classic owners who qualify for the scheme can participate without any problems with the suspended vehicles.

More information about the Oldtimer & Classic Fair can be found at this website or on the Facebookpagina.

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