Oldtimer and Classicbeurs Leek: 11, 12 and 13 October.

Oldtimer and Classicbeurs Leek
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At 11, 12 and 13 October 2019, the Sports Center in Leek opens the gates for many old-timer enthusiasts. Then Anton Rosema and his people organize the 24 againe edition of the Oldtimer and Classicbeurs Leek. The always atmospheric and also excellent organized event again offers every reason to pay a visit to Leek.

As usual, the two halls with a total surface area of ​​8000 square meters will be filled with classics, engines, automobilia and other classic matters. Recognition is one of the success factors of the sympathetic Leekster event, which is also good for at least one surprise every year. It is enclosed in the theme square, which is often French oriented and again this year is dedicated to special work from La Douce France.

The French roof is coming off

Last year it were the special vans that stole the show in Leek; this year the roof is going off. In a more specific sense: a lot of attention is paid to French cabriolets, and the enthusiast knows what was built in France on that level. Furthermore, the announcement of the arrival of the oldest ambulance in the Netherlands is special. This Dodge Brothers ambulance from 1928 will be one of the crowd pullers in Leek, where much more will be on display, such as beautiful other Americans, beautiful air-cooled VWs, beautiful Fords, attractive MGs, impressive motorcycles and cuddly dwarf cars.

Nice trade offer expected

Because the traders present will again make an effort to introduce visitors to the classic range. Experience shows that the cars on display often match the interests and needs of candidates and enthusiasts. More than that. The organization promises that visitors will once again be served in that respect this year.

Clubs and individuals, enthusiastic blood in private

The professional traders take their collection with them, and that also applies to a large extent to the clubs, which traditionally are again excellent represented in the Leekster Sports Center. Various well-known clubs make an effort this year to show the most beautiful, special and trusted examples to the public. In addition, private classic car owners in a non-club context also like to show their classic pride. Just like the dealers and club representatives, they like to tell everything about the passion for their motorized bicycles and quadricycles.

Stalls and other stands

It is of course always wonderful to browse, browse and buy. In that respect, the presence of parts dealers, miniatures and other automobiles is also logical, because at the Oldtimer and Classic Fair Leek the organization always offers ample opportunity for these activities, which also make a visit attractive.

Excellent catering facilities

The Leek Sports Center also offers the necessary facilities for the inner person, the catering facilities are always up to standard. More than even, you can go anywhere for a cup of coffee, a pastry, a nice hamburger and many other refreshments. The magic word in all respects: reasonable price.

Attractive entrance fees, children up to 12 years and even free parking

This also applies to the admission prices. They were again kept at a pleasantly low level by organizer Anton Rosema and his mates. For just € 8,50 you can buy a ticket, walk in and enjoy a very nice show. You do not even have to pay anything for children up to the age of twelve. And when you decide to come to Leek by car, you search in vain for the ticket booth for the parking spaces. They are free for visitors.

Off to Leek!

It is the power of an event that you, as a fan, should be used to, because the atmosphere during the Oldtimer and Classicbeurs Leek is always accessible. In addition, the range is varied, familiar and surprising and not least: the attendees and the organization always ensure that this old-timer and classic trade show runs smoothly. They are always ready for a chat (with or without a cup of coffee). This makes this fair definitely one of the nicest and nicest in the country.

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