Classic Cross Hummelo

With the rubber through the mud

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Relive old times during the Classic Cross? Beautiful dirt bikes from the past, the BSAs that your father (and Normal) told about, Triumph Scramblers but especially the Honda Elsinore's, the Maico's, the Montesa's and the CZ's that you know yourself from that time. There was a considerable number of participants with very beautiful, sometimes outspokenly rare material, which drove their eyeballs through the mud without any problems, but then rinsed it off lovingly with the weed sprayer filled with water.

The snarling of the Gebben Kreidlers, the heavy humming flies like the Suzuki RM500 and the firm blows of the 500 cc single-cylinder four-stroke mixed with the scent of Castrol racing oil. Indeed, old times revive. Do you really have to experience it once? But wasn't the weather better in the past? The greenhouse effect is not getting along yet.

Visit, for the dates for next time. It will of course also be completely real on September 30 at Hengelse Zand with music by Normal (www.hamove.nlAlso watch the video!


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