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The best wishes, of course, apply to everyone. Not just for classic enthusiasts. Because let's start the year positively, after all, a lot of cars and motorcycles have become 25 years young, so 'classic'. Not to mention the over-XNUMXs.

And what is the future of those classics? Undoubtedly, a couple end up with loving owners, are used by savers and also disappear for recycling.

We are sustainable

But if recycling is sustainable, then classic driving is more sustainable. No raw materials need be mined for such a classic. The thing is already there and can function perfectly for years to come with some care and maintenance. In that context, we are a bit on the cutting edge with the current 25 + ers. Because after 1993, the rise of electronics in cars and motorcycles continued very bravely. And as every Roadside Guard can tell: nowadays all malfunctions are in the electronics. But hey, even in the electronics repair industry, specialists have already emerged who know everything about the resuscitation of automotive electronics.

The biggest threat

The greatest threat for classic enthusiasts - that is, for our sustainable passion - comes from our government. From the bureaucracy and government they have a fine eye on us. Tackling classic cars and motorcycles in the context of environmental issues is a wonderful weakness. We are the ideal scapegoats Politics shows decisiveness, and that compared to a minority that is more friendly than articulate. And whether those few classics in a city have such an effect on air quality? In any case, there was one study that proved astonishing and undeniable. But it is no secret that there are countless external research agencies that provide any desired research with the desired results on request.

Schiphol must be bigger

If our administrators had any backbone, they would be opposed en masse to the expansion of Schiphol to the horizon. Driving over the A4 on a foggy day, you just taste the rough taste of kerosene on your teeth. And that is why more price fighters have to fly from the 020 region. Because if it rains kerosene every day, the competent spokesman can simply say that it should be. Schiphol is largely owned by the Dutch State and the approach at Schiphol therefore represents how the State wishes to deal with the environment: The environment is 100% subordinate to merits.

Let's be honest

The environment is secondary to money. 'Green' is a term that you can attach to your own product in the form of papers from other countries. And 'sustainable' has become a hollow marketing term. My late grandmother already said it: 'The fish starts to rot on the head'. And then we, classic enthusiasts, would get the Zwarte Piet? Apparently that's going to happen. So we have to be vigilant. And I don't know if it was already on your New Year's Resolutions list, but you might consider joining the FEHAC.

Because if things have to go better with this world, then the changes will have to come from the basics and not from the top. And we all benefit from a better world. Even the people who have nothing to do with classics.

So let's do our best again this year to make ewr a party. Dream away what was new in 1993

The Spyker C8
The Jawa 640. Requirements can be set from 500 euros


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