Classic by Fred Flintstone

Frederick - known globally as Fred - Flintstone, but also known as Fred W. Flintstone is an overactive little man from the television series 'The Flintstones'. The series saw the light of day in 1960 and later also in booklets, comics and commercials. Fred, if you are a little familiar with the phenomenon - otherwise we will refresh your memory for a moment - is husband of Wilma Flintstone. They live in the prehistoric Bedrock where dinosaurs live together with these cavemen. Strangely enough, these cavemen are assured of a contemporary luxury (…) such as a telephone, washing machine and an automobile. Fred's favorite cry was “Yabba Dabba Doo”, which he let out in complete ecstasy. So Fred Flintstone had an automobile. In our working life we ​​have been through a lot in recent decades, but we had never encountered a Fred Flintstone car-in-real, let alone just along the road. That happened recently on the way to Lands End, it

The telephone booth with a bathtub on it led to Fred Flintstone's car (...)
The telephone booth with a bathtub on it led to Fred Flintstone's car (...)

passing village of St.Austell in the British County of Cornwall. The attention was already drawn from afar by a 'filled' bathtub on top of such a typical British telephone booth (which, incidentally, was 'filled' with a male figure in the form of a statue). In the parking lot in front of the building of the car dealership and a shop full of the most wonderful things, it stood, the Fred Flintstone car! A true piece of art consisting of a - for the naked eye almost invisible - steel chassis around which - real - oak beams were crafted. The seats and the 'wheels' of real granite, even the linen roof was not missing. Completely real and exactly as we recalled that trolley from back then. The trolley weighs about one and a half tons. To simplify charging, the two 'rollers' - which, incidentally, come from a 'grass roller' are removable. We saw water burning ...

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