Classic models from Citroën with a leading role on the silver screen

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We all know excerpts from famous films in which a car plays the leading role. For example during a spectacular chase. Also Citroën has a fascinating career on the silver screen. The examples below show that especially classics are preferred.

Citroën in Pink Panther movies

In the Pink Panther films have been diverse from the beginning Citroëns used for recordings. For example the orange Méhari and the CX Prestige Curse of the Pink Panther (1983). In The Pink Panther 2 from 2009 we see a Citroën DS 19 Convertible. Inspector Clouseau does not hide his love for the car brand under (car) seats or benches.

2CV-For Your Eyes Only

Watch 007 again tonight: For Your Eyes Only.In the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only from 1981 (with that beautiful title song by Sheena Easton) Bond and Melina Havelock escape the villa of Hector Gonzales in a striking yellow Citroën 2CV. The owner of the car with the number plate M – 1023-A was Melina. She and Bond got into this vehicle because the Lotus Esprit from 007 destroyed itself. The classic 2CV was almost completely destroyed during the spectacular chase. One of the models used during filming can be found somewhere in the Netherlands, another in the Conservatoire Citroën in Aulnay-sous-Bois, near Paris. Citroën even released a special 2CV 007 special around the release of the film, with the 007 logo on the doors and front. The action model was built in a limited edition of 700 pieces.

2CV and Méhari - Le Gendarme with Louis de Funès

The 2CV and the Méhari prove excellent for comic scenes. The French comedian Louis de Funès, for example, gladly ridiculed the French police in his Le Gendarme films. In this series of six slapstick films, Louis plays the role of inspector Cruchot. Various antics are taken out with the Méhari and the 2CV.

Méhari in Mees Kees at Kamp

Also in the Netherlands we love the Citroën Mehari. In Mees Kees op Kamp (2013) the headmaster is taken away in a red (Hopi) variant. This car was available in a limited number of colors and the Hopi color was only made from 1968 to 1969.


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