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Classic or not? Robins Turbo Suzuki

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Robin Hofstede likes all motorcycles, but Suzuki's are often even more fun. He therefore exchanged his Harley for the unique GSX 1100-EFE with 1216 cc and, therefore, exchanged it for a drawthrough Mikuni HSR 45 carburetor with a suction compressor.

The old Suzuki is a very special one

The machine was built in the early days of the Internet by Gert-Jan Geurts. Among the two owners after Gert Jan, the Suzuki continued to develop at the same high-quality level, and Robin plans to further perfect the machine in the same way. He has experience in that process. In addition, the technique and adjustment of an engine with a compressor that drags the mixture from the modified carburetor is very sensitive. Certainly the mixture provision through the speed is critical. This means that an air / fuel ratio meter is directly in view of the pilot. Oh yes: the fully programmable ignition is also a must!

A perfect starting point

Robin's proud acquisition is a dream starting point. The builder and the previous owners have all thought through and expertly worked with the highest quality (expensive!) Materials and parts. All those calculations, drawings and notes have all been accurately recorded. Citizens' capital must have sat on the runs on all kinds of test benches alone. And the pipe store on and around the compressor has been laid straight. Meaningless violence has never been so beautiful.

The roots of the beast

And all that while the original was already quite a rough machine. Because of the original 16 inch wheels and the bicycle geometry, the not very stable Suzuki was even banned by the West Australian legislators.

In the meantime, all kinds of speed freaks had discovered that the air / oil cooled Suzuki four-cylinder (SACS Suzuki Advanced Cooling System) had an almost endless potential to be tuned. The engine blocks were used in all sorts of ways to be the strongest and fastest somewhere. And that is how Gert-Jan Geurts must have been inspired.

A lot of turbo experience

Current owner Robin already has a lot of turbo building experience. And with this high-quality ongoing project, he wants to become even more skilled. The most recent development before Robin took over the Suzuki was the replacement of the clutch housing. That piece of high-tech clutch plate housing was bursting with violence. The current Hay's coupling can be used as a lock-up, multi-stage lock-up or as a slider, with an extra strong outer basket coupling can be used multiple times and must be able to handle power up to 500 hp.

A learning process

But Robin must first fully learn and empathize with the four-pitter. Because no matter how much documentation there is, there is no user manual. At the moment the engine is running well and well. Because the GSX is on license plate, Robin even went to work with it once.

Much is still possible with the GSX in the workshop

Robin has a complete arsenal of metalworking machines. The first things that Robin is going to do are some finger exercises, Tighten some pipework, reconnect the airshifter and provide it with its own compressor to keep the pressure vessel close to the lesson. The shape of the seat does not suit him as the son of an upholsterer either. To delve into the programmability of the Dyna 2000 ignition. Those kind of things.

But if he danced the muscles loose, then he goes for serious work. Because the 215 pk at the rear wheel? Those are peanuts. From a technical point of view there is just 350 pk + in the block. And that the turbo pressure for that must be increased from 15 psi to 30 psi? Oh well, that is just some adjustment work on the wastegate, the overflow port for the turbo pressure. That should also be fine. It will not be the fault of the double crankcase vent.

Power now approx. 230 pk at the rear wheel with 15 psi
Purpose: 350 + pk at the rear wheel with 30 psi

Thanks to Robin Hofstede, 'robinjo's place' on fb

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