Classic Park Festivals BV

Classic Park Festivals
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In the Easter weekend from 19 to 21 April, a unique experience center opens in Boxtel for fans of classic and exclusive cars: Classic Park. The center of the center will be a museum with a changing collection of approximately 120 cars.

In addition, the location becomes the base for events with classic and exclusive cars and the complex offers opportunities for business meetings up to 5000 people. A restaurant, appropriately named "Miglia Lounge", a shop with car-related lifestyle items and a workshop complete the center.

Classic Park has set up a joint venture for the events that will take place in the weekends in collaboration with 402 Automotive: Classic Park Festivals BV.
402 Automotive organizes large-scale events at 2014 at the Zandvoort Circuit Park, Autotron Rosmalen and the TT Circuit Assen (such as Paddock Porsche, Viva Italia, American Sunday, Auto Moto d'Italia, Great British and the National Oldtimer Festival). The events of 402 Automotive attract more than 100.000 visitors on an annual basis.

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