Classic station wagon gets the lead role at Bremen Classic Motor Show 2019

© MESSE BREMEN / Seekamp Stefan Vorbröcker

For years, the station wagon or, combination car as you wish, served as a functional workhorse. It was at most a practical variant within a model series, and in some cases a nice addition within it. Now that the rarity of the classic station is becoming more and more an item, the appreciation and the attention value are increasing. For the organization of the 17e Classic Motor Show in Bremen, it is the reason to roll out the red carpet for the classic estate car from 1 to 3 February. In addition, during the opening of the German classic season, the organization made room for an exhibition with beautiful American engines from the 20e century.

But first the station wagon from earlier times. Enthusiasts will naturally be entranced as cars like the Citroën ID / DS Break, the Break and Family variants of the Peugeot 404 and 504 and the S 123 models from Mercedes-Benz are discussed. Classic Volvo Combi's, Opel Caravans, old American stations (Vista Cruiser!) And the old Volkswagen stations will also put a smile on your face.

Main role player: DB5 Shooting Brake

In Bremen, another station wagon is also being tapped. The organization has seized one of the twelve Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brakes, and the first images of this protagonist in Bremen are enough reason to look forward to the 2019 edition of the Classic Motor Show. He will be joined by a number of desirable combination classics, who are not all equally well-known. It is not yet clear which creations will accompany the Aston Martin. But traditionally the main theme in Bremen is exclusive and well worth it.

Beautiful 20 century engines from the States

In addition, those from Bremen have announced another enchanting theme: original classic engines from the United States of America. In Hall one, a Sonder ausstellung is traditionally dedicated to the classic two-wheeler. In the last edition the British racers played a leading role, in February 2019 Indian and Harley Davidson specimens will show their historic glory to the visitors. The enthusiast of classic motorcycles will look for hands such as the Harley Davidson 10E (in duplicate!), The Indian Ace, the Henderson KJ from 1930 and an Indian Four Upside-down from 1937. The American motorcycles will also be well represented in the post-war sense.

As usual: diversity

Of course, the numerous clubs, the various renowned classic dealers from the Netherlands and abroad, many parts dealers, suppliers of miniature models and the Junge Klassiker Trade Forum will again attract the necessary attention. In total, more than 650 participants offer something for everyone. And now also traditional: the presence of an extensive range of privately-owned cars.

Advice: parking at the airport

In connection with building measures, the organization advises visitors traveling by car to use the option to park at Bremen Airport. Visitors to the fair will find a place in the Park & ​​Rideterrein in parking lot 1. The address is “Fitzmauricestraße, 28199 Bremen”. The costs per vehicle are 7 euros per day. The 18-minute tram ride to Messe Bremen is included. However you travel to Bremen: the 17th edition is a must in advance!

More information

You can find more information on the website of the Bremen Classic Motor Show.


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