Classic transport, a profession in its own right

Classic transport
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Jan Tinga has had a garage in Leimuiden for years. That company has since passed on to its successor. Jan was also very deeply involved in classic transport to all kinds of festive rally locations. Because we understood each other well and because I also have a large driver's license (mechanic wheeled vehicles and fat DAF driver in batch 76/5), I went with him a number of times on classic transport. That was very pleasant and gave more space in the driving times decision.

The classic classic transport world is small

Classic transport up to and including the highest price segment is responsible work. Such a car transporter can easily have a million euros worth of classics on board. The driver and passenger usually travel with their own transport or the aircraft.

I had some truck experience, but driving with a transport combination is quite a different matter. The first ride I therefore asked Jan to redeem me before we entered the Paris Ring. In the evening rush hour. Jan Tinga is a genetically friendly, calm and mild person. While the traffic was getting busier, he quietly reported that he had forgotten to report that we were driving on the Périphérique. But he was right: If you just stay calm and realize that your car is the biggest, then everything will be fine.

I also had such a learning moment later in Spain

It was very dark, it was raining and there were road works, so that two trucks could barely pass each other. And at that very moment all the trucks in Spain seemed to have decided to become our oncoming traffic. I had to wipe the sweat from my hands on my pants every now and then to keep a grip on the handlebars. But with a quietly smiling Jan Tinga next to me, I survived the stress.

Due to road diversions in what is now the Czech Republic, we had to skip a few turns. When we really had to turn left, across the river, it was over a bridge with a weight restriction. The bridge held. But a kilometer away we saw just in time that the overhead wires of the local tram were running in front of us. And then you have to reverse a long way against the traffic… With a double-length car transporter. I've never been so hot. And Jan? He continued to smile and give advice in complete relaxation. It was like learning to swim in the IJssel: “Our father taught us that by throwing us into the water. And now I am the oldest son. ”

The classic rally people are sort of special

Rallying is often a part of their lives. One of Jan's customers had arranged it completely tightly: he had Jan exchange the car for a fresh rally copy every time after a rally. The tired and muddy car went back to Leimuiden to be made fresh and fruity again. To be prepared for the next rally.

But the most endearing was the older British couple who had ridden the London Prague rally in a small, cute Wolseley. To make the car ready for rally only a tripmaster was installed. They were the first to reach the finish line after being the last person in the race. They had finished the last part. Not to 'win', but because they wanted to see all their fellow rally drivers cross the finish line.

Jan has meanwhile transferred his garage confidently. But he continues to provide classic transports. Because it's so nice. Just like driving rallies with classics.


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