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There classics purchasing (copy)

The third edition of Klassieker Drachten took place during the Easter weekend. The event got off to a great start in 2016, and the experiences were translated in 2017 into a grown exhibition with excellent credentials. The first two editions promised a lot for the edition of the past Easter weekend. And that promise was kept, because once again the organization led by Sjouke Bosma showed how an excellent concept can ensure long-term sustainability and future prospects.

Those who studied the list of participants beforehand saw many old acquaintances come by. It was a confirmation of the quality and versatility that the exhibition has to offer. The picture is attractive and the location as well as the organization guarantee a great atmosphere with a warm welcome for everyone. In such a setting, doing business is good. Or interested in the purchase of a classic, a restoration, the purchase of a part, the enrichment of the miniature collection, a book or a plate of enamel. These are just a few examples of what was on display in Drachten in three halls and three shopping streets. And talking about doing business: numerous classics were sold. The activity of the detailers was also striking. The ever-active Marinus Brouwer of Passion for Glans visibly underlined the importance of beautiful conservation.

Beautiful classics

The biggest attraction of course was the range of classic cars and motorbikes. Visitors remember the many beautiful Americans from Cars, Cola and Coins. The gems from Gerard Kramer from Wolvega also appealed. Carrosso, Wagenfolks and the birthday boy Nosstalgia have now traditionally launched surprises, just like many other participants. Special was the presence of Italian Classics from Belgium, which took rare Italians to Drachten. The classic interplay resulted in a colorful plume of classics. From Kadett to Cadillac, from Beetle to Mach I, from 2 CV to 404 and DS, from Fiat 600 to Lancia Fulvia Coupé and from Ratlook to far-reaching competition condition: it was all shown.

Beautiful and rare motorcycles

That also applied to a number of engines on Klassieker Drachten. Very special was the completely unique Martynside Newman, one of the three globally known specimens. There were more unique two-wheelers on the Veteran Motor Club stand, such as The Field Mk1A, a unique steam motorcycle from 1905. Brilliant and surprising.

Show Paddock

There was also a wide variety of classic cars outside the gates of the convention center. The grown show paddock offered a warm welcome to owners of a car or motorcycle from before 1 December 1990. It led to a beautiful collection of cherished heritage, whether or not used for daily use. American, German, Italian, British, French, Swedish: every fan was well catered for. For three days, the show paddock was one of the major attractions. For the organization, the knife cut both ways, because the classic owners who populated the show paddock could also view the exhibited within the walls of the Frisian Congress Center for a reduced rate.

Many offers for a reasonable rate

It obviously had a positive influence on the already considerable number of visitors. On Easter Sunday, the organization recorded a record number of visitors, and on Monday, the halls and the outside area were soon well filled. In the run-up to Klassieker, there was already a lot of liveliness and enthusiasm with regard to the third edition in Drachten on social media in particular. It fully developed during the first April weekend. Thousands of visitors found the Frisian Congress Center. They received a lot of value for the reasonable entrance fee, which remained well under € 10.

Atmospheric with a pleasant cult edge

It is a compliment for the organization, which again proved to be able to link the good level of organization to a specific atmosphere with a cult edge. As a result, Klassieker Drachten has become a fixed value and one of the most atmospheric events within the old-timer agenda. Moreover, an event that once again excelled in harmony, hospitality and variation.


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