Classic Drachten deserves a permanent place on the old-timer agenda

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The Fries Congrescentrum during the Easter weekend was dominated by Klassieker Drachten. From 26 to 28 in March, visitors were able to indulge in a diverse range of classics, engines and various forms of automobilia. Nowadays, various events are more often characterized by a colorful palette of exhibited and offered material. And those events often appeal to the imagination. However, the organizers of Klassieker Drachten realized a fair that far exceeds the concept of imagination.

The announcements regarding Klassieker Drachten already promised a lot. And already upon arrival it turned out that things had already been handled professionally, because traffic wardens had been deployed early on to steer the quietly flowing traffic in the right direction. That "feel good factor" was continued within the gates of the Frisian Congress Center. In Drachten they understood the art of leaving out superfluous frills. The organizers succeeded in showing the colorful offer in doses to the visitor. Space between the exhibited, a pleasant atmospheric and modest decoration - accentuated by “red carpet paths” and a good coordination of the offer - brought in by the numerous participants - ensured that the exhibition was central in the right way. Each exhibitor had sufficient leeway to demand optimal attention for the core activity in a relaxed environment.

Cars, Coins and Cola again made an impressive stand. Image: Erik van Putten
Cars, Cola and Coins again provided an impressive position. Image: Erik van Putten

Friendly exhibition with excellent offer
The design contributed to a pleasant, friendly character, in which the visitor lacked absolutely nothing. Enthusiasts of Americans were well catered for by various participants (including Cars, Cola and Coins!). But also classics of European origin - with a pleasant touch of British, French and Italian influence - played a significant role. Hofman from Leek once again took a number of beautiful classics with him and Wagenfolks from home Drachten were good for a stand with controversial air-cooled Volkswagens. Furthermore, a few clubs - such as AVC the Fryske Wâlden, the Topolino Club and the Alpine Renault Club Nederland) and beautiful museums decorated the fair in Drachten. Jansen bodywork from Wesepe gave a nice insight into the way in which - especially pre-war - heritage is kept alive.

Lover of historic two-wheelers rewarded
The lover of historic two-wheelers was also rewarded for coming to Drachten. The Indian Motorcycle Museum, the Driving Motorsport Museum and the Veteran Motors Club made an impressive impression. In addition, visitors could also indulge in historic agricultural vehicles, demonstrations and other classic matters.

We were present in Drachten. This beautiful one Triumph TR3 A from Hofman from Leek accompanied our stand. Image: Erik van Putten
We were present in Drachten. This beautiful one Triumph TR3 A from Hofman from Leek accompanied our stand. Image: Erik van Putten

Extremely attractive without overkill
What was especially true during the Easter weekend: there was no question of overkill and dedain. A friendly atmosphere was central in an attractive form of sobriety. It appealed to us in such a way that we advocate that Classic Drachten from now on be given a place that is riveted in concrete to the old-timer agenda. Because following on from the Leeuwarden colleagues from CLASSICSNL - who already added a successful and impressive Frisian old-timer event to the agenda in October - Klassieker Drachten can also speak of an extremely successful edition. It was an exceptionally impressive exhibition, in which supply, geniality, professionalism, atmosphere and overview related to each other in a meticulously subtle way. Stand there in one go. In Leeuwarden and Drachten, those responsible last year unambiguously demonstrated what that concept means in relation to the organization of an old-timer exhibition. We simply think that is great. Very handsome.

For the come you can get extensive photo impressions of this great event our Facebook page .

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