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It became clear in the run-up to the second edition of Klassieker Drachten. The excellent basis of 2016 would be cherished. Many participants from the first edition would come to Drachten again. The fair was also expanded with a third day and a paddock show. From 24 to 26 March it became clear where it led to: an excellently organized and mature party for the enthusiast.

Keeping even better while maintaining the good. The organization showed in Drachten what that concept means. Once again, those involved succeeded in letting the classics glory in all spaces. Again a nice degree of overview was applied. And the layout of the pleasant Frisian Congress Center was logical, especially for those who came to the fair with a specific purpose. One hall was almost completely furnished with automobilia, miniatures and parts. On the second floor was a room with motorbikes and mopeds from earlier times. And two halls were filled with beautiful classics and a few young timers.

Epic center

In our opinion, the central hall of the Fries Congrescentrum was the epicenter of Klassieker Drachten. The heart of the fair was filled by Cars Cola and Coins, which again had a great stand full of fantastic American cars. Gerard Kramer Klassiekers from Wolvega also took a number of beautiful and original cars to Drachten. Whoever has seen the Opel Commodore 2500 S and the DAF 55 with 9.600 kilometers knows what we mean.

Promising cooperation

Furthermore, the upcoming collaboration between NosStalgia and Wagenfolks from Drachten was clearly visible. With beautiful stands, Egbert Spinder and Michel Gaastra created an experience with their companies that makes future cooperation much more than a promise. Creativity, special cars and pure car love also came together beautifully in the Frisian Congress Center in this way. The central hall was surrounded by a promenade where more companies displayed their special offer for commercial purposes. For example, Carrosso brought back beautiful classics from Oldemarkt. There was also a lot to see in the second “car hall”. There, participants such as CarFix, Venema and EVS Classics also managed to retain the viewer and prospective buyer for longer.

Show Paddock

New this year was the show paddock, where classic car owners could and wanted to exhibit their classic to the public. It led to a nice collection of cars of various sizes. Beautiful Opels, a beautiful Simca 1100, a loyal Mercedes-Benz, various Americans: it was all to be found in the wonderful spring sun outside the halls.

High level of scholarship intensified

It goes well to mention all the participants, but together they work under the direction of the exceptionally well-functioning organization - the fair. Everything was right in Drachten. Sjouke Bosma - the face of Klassieker Drachten - managed to intensify the high level of last year and to raise it a few more. An attractive price tag was used - and that is also important for the Dutchman - without the idea being given that the decoration and interpretation were skimped on. That is an excellent performance.

Challenge for 2018 edition

The number of visitors who, despite the beautiful spring weather, took the trouble to visit Klassieker Drachten, was excellent proof of this. The 2016 edition already proved that this event definitely deserves a permanent place on the classic car events calendar. And after this year's edition, we can only repeat this. In any case, what is shown in Drachten promises a lot for the coming edition, which will be held in the Easter weekend of 2018.

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