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Whether the Internet is a blessing or a curse? It also gives people with the intelligence of a wet mop, the kind of people who were protected against themselves in better times chained in moist dungeons, the opportunity to make themselves nice and wide. Take a look at MP and Speurders. At an asking price of five mille, there are always great ghosts who start bidding with 500 euros. That reminds me of my service.

"Shall we fuck?"

A platoon companion approached random girls tightly every time he stepped, and with a hopeful look in his eyes asked "Shall we fuck". It never happened, but he dreamed that one day "Yes" would be said. I expect he is still a virgin.

In this way, a dealer friend received a visit from someone who came into the business with his sails raised. The case was clear to the visitor. He had bought a young timer via the internet from a private individual. That engine broke down seriously. The former owner advised him to go get a story from the dealer where the engine had been serviced. So our friend's case. What exactly went wrong with the engine was not clear.

An angry customer

While his visit was only set to 'send', the dealer looked into his files. The license plate of the engine was in it. A new battery was installed two years ago. The column 'notes' said: "Customer had purchased the battery via the internet". Ten euros of assembly fees were settled. The story of course did not pick up the visitor. After all, the seller of his broken engine had made it clear that it was not his fault? And then here, in such an expensive case, you don't take responsibility? It was a shame! If he were not helped on the spot, he would make the matter crystal clear through FB and the forums. Then all his friends would see how customers are treated in a motorcycle shop these days.

"You have no friends"

Our befriended motor dealer has already seen all the water flow under all bridges. He cherishes his customers and his limits: “First of all, you are not a customer and, secondly, I do not think that you have even one friend. I ask you to leave the store. "

A neat approach right? I myself have the proud tradition of putting money on every transaction, or - according to experts - always paying too much. But I remain positive about it. When I offered a luggage rack and received a positive response almost immediately, I almost made a hop of pleasure. Whether I could send in some more photos? With so much positive shopping, that was no problem. This was followed by an e-mail exchange with many tokens and over and over again rescheduling appointments to collect the rack. On the finally agreed date, even my positivity has its limits, my dream customer did not show up.

Just stay calm

I lit a cigar and shrugged. Friend Mike, who is professionally in the internet sales, has the comforting remark in this kind of case: "Cloud runners and arch supports, that's what they are." I found a rack somewhere else. With suitcases and a fender. But they don't fit. I want to come and get your stuff. ”

I replied that I hoped that with his wife he would not let such a long foreplay end in a quick turn-around with the neighbor. In the meantime, the weather is reasonable. I have bought another motorcycle and now have a serious lack of space in the garage. Maybe I should have just swapped a moped. Lack of space is a good reason to say goodbye. Yet?

But I thought that was sad for him. I wanted to know who he would end up with. But to put the engine that now stands in the way on the internet? I really don't feel like it. I have faith in the people. I sometimes ask around within the circle of friends.



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    • I almost had to cry about it myself. I once had an SP III for sale. Someone from Venlo calls with a whole story. I told him to find a completely different bike because such an SP wouldn't make him happy. He wanted to come and have a look. It must be… an hour and a half later a man arrives. Our dog was already looking at him suspiciously. Man walks to the SP. Says: "I don't like the color either". Turns around. Walks away. I think it was that man from Venlo ...

    • Not 'de'Guzzi. I have three. But two of them are Cali 3's. My regular Cali three is a ravaged workhorse running close to three tons. I'll keep it about forever. Despite the fact that there was already a beard with a hipster behind it that was willing to offer serious money for it. Because “Oh what a weathered patina! But I was able to buy a very neat late Cali 3 with wire wheels. And then you start dreaming about a Cali Cafe Racer because of those wire wheels. And neat Cali 3 stuff is getting pretty scarce. So I thought I could finance the project a lot with the sale of Original Cali stuff. But after some cleaning & checking, I think the thing is too neat, too beautiful and too good to convert it. Despite the wire wheels 🙂 When it's gone, I'll buy a small Guzzi to rebuild. Those little Guzzies are not worth a drop and still fun. And - not unimportantly - such a Guzzietje also takes up less space in the garage 🙂 Because space is always a pain point…. Question answered?

      • ?
        I was able to solve my 'space problem' by renting an empty greenhouse for € 50 pmnd 50 m away. My time problem has stuck. May the overhaul of GWing 1100 carbs go so slowly that I forget details of how they were put together again? Alibaba ultrasonic bath works suuuuper. That then again. And scored a year younger set of carbs on MP WITH detachable idle nozzles. They were (probably due to insufficient driving) a drama since purchase. I am gradually discovering that a GWing is not easily 'serviceable'. But yes, financially, replacement is not an option.

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