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Once in a while. But more and more often I am called to interpret between French-speaking classic lovers and Dutch sellers who do not speak French. And those French? They come here for Renaults, Citroëns, Peugeots and Simca's. They want them back. After they first exported them all. Many of the classics sold here have been restored to a neat to perfect condition here in the Netherlands. And they are then spotted by French people who also know how to find their way on the Internet.

It may be

For example, a Frenchman may call 'Bowler hat' about an R4, come here with a car ambulance, decide that it is not going to be the R4, buy a Lomax and take an option on a Ford pick up. The Lomax was a great opportunity, the Frenchman thought. He was not familiar with the phenomenon. And thought it was a fantastic concept. For the Ford, he immediately started talking about money with his home front. The Renault was also dropped for practical administrative reasons. In France, the 'carte grise' was blocked when exporting to the Netherlands. In order to get the small Renault back on the road in France, it would first have to be put on a Dutch license plate, and then a French license plate again. With the current hustle and bustle at the RDW, that was going to take too long for the French. But they left their number for when the R4 has a Dutch registration.

If you sell your classic abroad, an export declaration must be made for it. Never give up your classic without such a document. This can be done via the RDW or an auto export company. Your own classic supplier can also provide that document. Think of a maximum of one euro or fifty. Also always make an invoice that both parties sign and state that the classic is sold privately and without warranty.

Officially, the RDW tells the following about it:

Run vehicle with Dutch registration

If you want to export your vehicle with a Dutch license plate, you must end the registration of that vehicle with the RDW. This is important because then you are no longer liable for the vehicle and the vehicle obligations stop. You end the registration with the RDW by registering the vehicle for export.

Vehicle receives foreign registration

Does the vehicle need a license plate abroad? Then, before you register the vehicle for export with the RDW in the relevant country, inquire which documents are required for import into that country. If you need the registration certificate for input, you now have the option to request a replacement registration certificate.

Register vehicle for export

This is how you register your vehicle for export:

You (may also do someone else) go to an RDW inspection station or RDW desk (on working days between 8.00:17.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX. You can also go to an RDW recognized company for export. You can recognize such a company by the RDW mural plus Recognition sticker Inquire at the company about opening hours.

Take the following with you:

  • The Certificate of Acknowledgment (Part 1B) and the Transfer certificate or the registration card with the ascription code; the bank transfer certificate or ascription code may be missing if the registered owner / holder comes himself;
  • Valid ID;
  • Number plates (not necessary if number plates have never been made / issued) for this vehicle (this is only possible at an RDW inspection station or RDW desk)
  • Copy of Chamber of Commerce extract (in case of legal person) not older than 1 year;
  • Authorization of the authorized signatory (in the case of a legal entity and if you are not the authorized signatory yourself).

You pay the costs and the matter is settled.

Now you can purchase another classic. In the Netherlands. Because here classics are the cheapest.


It wasn't him. The car whose 'carte grise' was blocked in France cannot be re-imported on that 'license plate'. There must first be a Dutch registration number.

He also went back to France for the main prize


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