Classics as a business model

Classics as a business model. Does that work?
Only with a crystal ball do you know what it will ever be worth
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Classics as a business model. Does that work?

Yesterday I fell in the middle of a program about saving. What was clear: you should not have the interest. What was also clear: it was completely investing in classics and vintage watches. So the question arises: Classics as a revenue model. Does that work?

The passion as an investment process?

Of course there were the examples. Watches that in three years had become worth three times more. A Karmann that I thought to see that the fit of the trunk lid could have been better, which had also increased enormously in value. An Alfa Spider 'Coda tronca'…

It is of course never wrong to invest in things that are no longer made. Even if it is only from a historical point of view and passion. But dealing with classics as cold investment tools, that's a game with quite a few snags. Firstly, of course, it requires a solid piece of market and product knowledge. And a feeling for the market. A crystal ball can also help, just like a dose of luck.

Of course we have seen how the prices of classics have risen sharply in recent years. That was because the really smart guys saw that investment happenings were coming a long time before anything was reported on the national mourning tube. The real investors were and are usually men with a lot of money left over and hungry for even more money. They usually only pay those ridiculous amounts for extremely rare cars in top condition. But of course you can also pull a few million euros for the wreck of a Bugatti that has been in an abandoned shed for sixty years.

In the real world where Mrs. Patricia Paay is just a lively older lady and where a car that has been in a leaking shed for less than twenty years is considered unreasonable, it is not about the greatest rarity or the ultimate perfection.

The point is that there is a very rich selection of good, beautiful and fun classics for which no millions have to be spent. And in that world the Netherlands is apparently - as our prime minister would call it -: "A very cool country!"

That the voice of our prime minister is far away has been proven. Not only because so many people come here hoping to find a better life there, but also by two of us who are now well-known dealers in classic cars and motorbikes. One is a Pole. The other is a Slovak. The two buy here and sell in their respective home countries. And they live well from that.

Buying and owning a classic is usually an affordable party. And for a good purchase, you do not need to write off or hardly write off during normal maintenance and use. Perhaps there will be a clearly higher selling price in a few years than when purchased. But then the new purchase will also be more expensive ...

So make a calm choice from the wide range of classics. And realize that 'the profit' is in cherishing and driving that classic.

Spring is coming. So start enjoying again!

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