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Spoke this week with the proud, but above all 'happy' owner of a restored top classic. And heard how he had secured his storage room against burglary. Because he fully realizes that he is not the only one with very good taste.

Such restorations are a sincere tribute to the times of those days. Last week I was busy in the garage with some classics that are minimally sensitive to theft. You can also be happy and proud of that. But your life is definitely more carefree.

That kind of tinkering is a sincere tribute to the times of those days.

Nowadays you can have patina applied completely by hand

That costs money and almost seems real. Getting your classic patina to develop by riding around with it for about twenty years costs nothing outside of those twenty years. That's just one example of the benefits of long-term relationships. You can even do that in peace for 50 years. There will be a story about that soon Auto Motor Klassiek about a Honda CB750 and its first owner. After fifty years, he only mildly regrets having his bike repainted in an ill-considered moment.

Pure nostalgia

Another approach is that you have stuck in pure nostalgia in terms of classic motorcycle love. In the times when you were young and had no money. But had no money for a decent motorcycle. Every week you bought the Weekblad Motor printed on newsprint and you dreamed about inaccessible places such as the Norton Commando, the BMW R75/5 and of course the CB750 OHC Hondas. And that while out of sheer poverty you rode a Harley side valve (bought by your father in 1961 for 150 guilders) or a Norton 88 Dominator (bought yourself for 75 guilders). Later you bought a Suzuki T600 for 500 guilders. For 2.000 guilders a very neat Honda 750 K2. The constant factor? That remained the weekly magazine Motor.

That WL is still in the family. But the Norton falls under the cry that we all sometimes utter: “I should never have got rid of that”.

Meanwhile, the Weekblad Motor no longer exists and what do the other magazines offer? These are tests that are more like those of an electronics magazine and where even motorcycle manufacturers offer their product as 'the ideal platform for your smartphone. You're getting older Daddy...

But last week was purely nostalgic. Putting my favorite combination back on three wheels, together with my comrade looking at old motorcycles with the same mildness. As before, it was relaxed and uninhibited. Add a beer. Chat with passing neighbors. And – just like in the past – with the approach “the thing just has to do it”. For example, the 650 cc, 36 hp OHV was replaced – that all just fits, only the electrical installation is now 6V again – by a 750 cc, 23 hp side valve block. The low compression should make kicking with a rotten ankle easier. The petrol tank is not original, but has more capacity. To prevent petrol spraying during tank disassembly, the balance hose between the tank cheeks has been removed and an extra fuel tap has been installed. To further save the same ankle from just now, reverse gear is now operated manually.

Not quite original anymore

And so another old motorcycle, a classic, has already been made ready for use. Just like we used to do. It's slightly less than the financial weakness it used to be. But it's still endearing. And the result is minimally susceptible to theft. Nice is not it?

Extra locks on the garage door, an orange strobe light and camera surveillance as options
Been in the family for over sixty years
Fifty years with the same owner
Less compression due to a bad ankle… May also stay


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  1. Do I see a real original 6 volt Altette hanging from the sidecar? Then I would in any case replace the cylinders of the locks to a higher level: these are gadgets with an increasingly higher price tag.

  2. And then a Benelli Sei in the picture.
    The design may not be the most beautiful that Italy brought, but that transverse 6-pitter and that row of megaphones on both sides, are really unparalleled.

    Only once bought an old MOtor-Vision, because of an article that was in it.
    Also faded glory

  3. I often drive around the block just before home when I notice that the car behind me continues to drive with me.
    Don't think about ever finding the garage broken open and having to look up its contents in Eastern Europe...
    Fortunately, the east of the Netherlands is not yet the 'wild west' and people here still somewhat respect each other's property.

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