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Peter Koelewijn already sang it: “You are getting older daddy”. And you can go on with aging for a long time. Until you no longer get older, but are deceased. Ai… That doesn't sound like a happy start.

But you don't always have to go through life laughing. Sometimes a little reflection is nice. And that also applies to us classic enthusiasts. Despite surviving life-threatening motorcycling for years, our time will come. And then you have finally said goodbye to your loved one, your family, friends and a handful of vague acquaintances. And your classic motorcycle.

Memory or difficult legacy

Such a motorcycle is then either 'just a thing from the heritage' or a valued souvenir. In the first case, he goes on sale and the nickels are distributed. In the second case, the engine can simply remain in the family. We know such a brave old two-wheeler that has now fallen into the loving hands of the third generation.

But what if the deceased now had some more classic motorcycles and parts? Say between twenty and a hundred copies. Plus a shed full of parts. What if neither the widow nor the children are interested in that matter? Then there is a serious problem. Especially if the widow - and believe me, it happened - didn't even know that her late husband had twenty + classics.

A matter of respect

At best, she knew. And she knew the passion that had led the deceased to build his collection. Such a collection is then seen as an emotional legacy. And out of sympathy for the deceased and his passion, it is a very difficult choice for the surviving party whether and how to distance themselves from those 'say how many' classics.

The initial approach is usually that the collection should go 'undivided', but not to 'the trade'. Somewhere in the margin there were always a few acquaintances and some of the better-educated traders who were scrambling for booty around the widow and not making the matter more emotionally clear.  

More is not always better

Large, mixed collections, the dream of every enthusiast with even a drop of engine oil in their veins, are in practice a disaster instead of a blessing. 'Everyone' only wants 'that' brand or type. In this way, the collection no longer becomes a collection but a set of bite-sized portions. In that 'division' there are always things that nobody finds interesting. And this usually includes about 90% of the collected parts. And you can sometimes imagine that. Because how much 'market' there is for 147 left stainless steel exhaust bends for a Moto Guzzi Lario?

From a huge network, and the fact that unfortunately I was raised unfortunately honestly, I am sometimes approached to help and mediate in situations like this. That has not brought me wealth, because I am not very fond of money and money is not very fond of me. But a nice settlement of such a case provides satisfaction for all parties.

Let's see how this ends

At the moment something like this is going on again. There is a huge selection of classic motorcycles of all brands. There are classic racers. There is a huge pile of parts from ZGAN to scrap. The approach is again that 'everything' preferably goes away at once to preserve the collection as a tribute to the dear deceased. In this case, that would have to be someone with a very broad taste and a well-filled wallet.

I would like to keep you informed about the progress of the process via Because even if you don't have the money, you can dream. And who knows how the case will develop?

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