Classics in the fall

ER Classics Desktop 2022

We can talk about the late summer. But of course it's just fall. But with this kind of autumn it is wonderful to have a (long) weekend with the classic. It is Thursday already ...

Classics as a decoration in a museum?

No, the classics in the Arnhem open air museum are really part of the past that you are presented there. The Dutch Open Air Museum is a cultural history museum in Arnhem. The Open Air Museum is located on the north side of Arnhem, on the edge of the Veluwe.

The Royal Burgers' Zoo is located next to the museum. The museum consists of an outdoor museum and an indoor museum. The museum that is ideal for nostalgically dreaming away or for (grand) children to get to know their distant past in a fun way is also a must if you have a foreign visit. And now that the high season is over, there is enough parking space.

The Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem captures history

In authentic buildings, objects and true stories. You will be taken on a journey through time. From two centuries ago to very recently. You are short of eyes. The setting and guidance is - thanks to many volunteers - fantastic. The people of the museum seem to have run away from the past. They are very well prepared and anticipated on their heritage, they inspire you with their stories.

Autumn as the most beautiful season

Add to that the fact that Gelderse has an unprecedented splendor of colors and an ideal fine-mesh road network for classics in the fall. Zutphen is a wonderful Hanseatic town, Bronkhorst (with a 'k' in the municipality of Bronckhorst with 'ck' is the smallest place with city rights in our country and the village with only a few hundred souls (With an old church, nice terraces and restaurants and near a ferry across the IJssel) would fit in its entirety in the aforementioned open-air museum.On the Bronkhorster side of the IJssel you will often find yourself in your classic in the sixties of the last century. : Gallery Aldering, Venema Antiques and Classic Cars and Potomac Classics in Terborg.

There are still far-reaching pristine scenery and the world travelers among us can just slip over the German border. That way you can almost earn back the costs of the trip. Distilled from our eastern neighbors, it costs around half of what it costs us. Thanks to the famous Dutch excise rates. And once you cross the border, it also pays to fill the tank to the brim.

The Ruhrgebiet as a tip

But a little further, in the once pitch-black Ruhrgebiet that has now largely become a delightful park landscape, a visit to the abandoned blast furnace installations at Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord is an absolute must for fans of old industrial heritage. The former installation is slowly growing back into nature and the tallest tower is a challenge for people in fear of heights. At the end of the day, the local catering industry offers everything from Gut bürgerlich to kebap. After the meal and a few nice pots of beer it is (pretty) good and affordable to sleep in one of the often somewhat lost hotels from the time that business travelers were away from home for days or weeks.




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