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Classics and their prices. Nightmares or dreams?

Classics and their prices. That is one thing. On TV programs we see classics being auctioned for millions. And if there is news coverage, then we only hear about top prices for top pieces.

The current interest rate is the reason that everyone buys classics as an investment item. And is such a classic as an investment object even becomes a means of speculation. And by now, everyone should know that investing and speculating is about as safe as disguised as a calico cat climbing over the fence of a pit bull kennel.

Feasible or priceless?

Moreover, a classic investment object is less easy to store as a few bars of gold or some art. But rare masterpieces continue to hold value, whether they are on wheels or hanging on the wall. And of course a lot of dream cars and motorbikes are out of our financial reach. Damn, that's what dream cars are for. But if we do not get carried away by all the media cheers, then we can see very satisfied that there is a very large selection of classics. From beautiful, good, fun, heart-winning engines and cars. And all for prices that are humanly feasible. In addition, the grumbles who come back time and time again that a few years after the war you had a Harley 'right out of the crate' for 300 guilders both right and wrong. First of all, 300 was serious money at the time, and the WLA and WLC machines were not classics, but simply cheap motorcycles. And if you now look on the internet you will see a large selection of engines under the 1.000 euro. The current 1.000 euro represents less purchasing power than the 300 guilder from 1948.

But now there are enough classics that we can buy for reasonable prices to use them for what they were once intended for, to cherish them, to enjoy them and to ride.

25 Year young

In addition, for youngsters among classic enthusiasts, cars from 1991 are recognized as classic and much classic love on nostalgic grounds is based on the love for 'my father's motorcycle / car'. And let that be fantastic news for younger enthusiasts. Because 'their' classic is a reliable, even daily deployable motorcycle / car whose prices are not yet in the six digits.

We are only mildly concerned about the next generation. Because will 25 still have electronic components available for an 1992 motorcycle / car in a year?
But hey, the much talked about market forces will probably have found something by then.
In the meantime, let's just enjoy our classics. And with the current weather, it might also be a late fall ride.

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