Classics, not for everyone

A case of 'bad luck on the road'
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Something can be pretty good. You can want it, want it. But that's why it doesn't have to fit you. Classics are desirable, but not everyone can handle 1.0 technology. And it only goes wrong when a classic gets a cult status. A very funny example of this is the relatively fast popularity of Urals in the USA.

Even new Ural are classics

We can get away with that approach. Because after Ural was 'taken over' by American daring investors, technical changes were made. But: Urals remained Urals. And they bought the Americans hungry for nostalgia quite enthusiastically. Completely in line with the toughness of the basic tricycles, they then equipped their Urals with winches, tow bars, LED batteries, carter protectors ... you name it. They found each other on social media. And there it appears that the uninhibited purchase of 'a classic' can turn out to be quite surprising. Because everything breaks down. 'The cylinder of my Ural Patrol has broken off. What should I do? `The most sensible answer 'Buy a new cylinder'.

It used to be normal

And there are all sorts of weird things that the fathers or grandfathers of the Ural riders would remember from their Harley Pan Head or Early Shovel time. Those things always broke when they were 'new'. The drivers knew that. And they were able to remedy many disruptions en route. In addition, many malfunctions can be prevented by preventive checks. For many 'modern' pilots, things such as checking oil regularly have disappeared completely from their systems. On one of my own classics I will only worry if the oil consumption is more than a liter on 500 kilometers. The new classic enthusiasts are worried digitally about the fact that there is regularly some oil under their classics. And then ask digitally for advice. The answers they receive usually testify to ultimate ignorance.

The passion for classics, not the mind of it

The youngest generation of classic enthusiasts still has the passion, but usually lacks the technical knowledge and skills. Even starting can be a problem. Recently, "a son of" sold his XT 500 because he didn't get the hang of it. And with that we are directly in the saying "Every example weakens the argument." Because in the early seventies someone bought a brand new Velocette Thruxton from Van de Kuinder in Hilversum. And he returned to the supplier after two weeks ... Thruxtons were also renowned difficult starters.

Start carefully

For those who are more interested in classics, it might be useful to focus on the 'better classics', the proven good Japanese and German engines. For your own peace of mind, then do not start with a hopeless project, but start with the best possible copy. You can start your time journey with this. And if you have gained some maintenance experience, then you have come to know your motorcycle better. Then you can study the technology. And maybe you suddenly see the joke in the limitations of the older classics.

Never rush again

There are no problems. Everything can be solved. Because we always have the two most important tools with us: the smartphone and the WegenWacht card. But saving a trip with self-reliance is the best. Even if the resulting 11 hours need to (from inside) from Arnhem to Cadzand Bad.

With the right approach you get everywhere



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