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With a classic you are welcome everywhere. The presence of a partner is usually not a problem either. But then there is that third wheel on the car, the dog. All of them perfect components for a perfect life. But sometimes the components don't mix that easily. A trip in a classic is no problem for most of our partners.

A matter of balance

Scouring farmyards for a week on a hunt for classics is clearly less appreciated. On the other hand: we members of the usually standing urinating species are usually also not happy about spending the whole day in nice city shops. While we do that well. The question "What do we do with the dog" is more than a thing. But as reasonable people among each other, we will work it out. And in the evening we go to our basket after dinner and a nightcap.

At least: if we travel without a pet

Because pets are not allowed in many locations, campsites and hotels. And of course you can take the dog to a guest house during the holidays. But some dogs don't pull that. Some owners don't either.

Fortunately, you can then choose for a route along dog-friendly holiday locations. They can of course be found on the Internet. And if you play with search terms, you can come up with unexpected places. Places where it is not teeming with noisy youth or massively settled numbers of campers full of pensionados. We ended up in Rumigny, with Monique and Branko. We stayed for a week. My love was happy with some 'shops' in the circle and flea corner. The dog was happy because he was there. And I was happy because my Lief and the dog were happy and because I could see what kind of fun there was in the neighborhood. Take a look.

In the French Ardennes for example

We will contact the local tourist office. Because that area deserves the attention of us, classic enthusiasts. It is pleasantly wavy. Alternately wooded and open. Half of the hamlets and villages are for sale. You dream away nicely. It is great to drive there. The prices are human-friendly. There is peace. So there are nice shops, flea markets and cycles for our partners. Laon and Rocroy are good for half a day of urban pleasure. The general drainage of the region is prevented by a few people who have settled in for rest.

That is easy: they are Dutch

Monique and Branko's 'Une Chance de la France' in Rumigny is a dog-friendly mini site with space for a few campers, caravans, tents or whatever. There is also a cabin and a caravan on the fully enclosed site for people without a tent, caravan or whatever. There are three rooms for rent, the two beautiful ones on the floor are only accessible to adventurous dogs. The prices are mild and because there is no bakery or anything else within ten kilometers, you can have a great breakfast. Because of the same regional emptiness, you can enjoy an excellent three-course menu in the evening for a price that even a 65+ who has been reduced to retirement age will be happy. A full glass of red wine only costs two euros. Purchase per carafe is even cheaper. And after the meal you no longer have to drive.

At meeting there is some barking between the dogs. But that is out of enthusiasm. The domestic dog can 'socialize' with his peers or just go his own way if he finds all that strange stuff below his stand.

So: be now we turn

We have now properly covered the culinary matters and the interests of our partners. So among us it can be said and kept silent about classics. In the French Ardennes it is still fun to look at old cars. On the main routes, the French show that they prefer to drive cars that are as large and as new as possible. But in the road network behind it, you see the ten to twenty year old cars as normal transport. And forgotten (neo) classics plus the 'voitures' of real enthusiasts. For example, we discovered the oldest ID in Europe during a chat 'by the fence'. The car - a technical restoration project - was purchased from its first owner.

Une Chance de la France's company car is also an Acadyane. But it ran on its last legs during our visit.


It is quiet in the French Ardennes. Very quiet. But there is much to be found




Has been waiting on his back for twenty years for better times


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  1. Welcome everywhere, except diesels from before 2001, which are not allowed to drive or park in the big city centers (in the Netherlands) Fine 230 euro!

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