Classics on the gas. Is that allowed?

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Classics on the gas. Is that allowed?

Well, when the renovation was done, the good boxer was only 'old', not 'classic'. And that he now bears the traces of his past, there is nothing wrong with that? It was already a number of crises since AMK reader René had a problem. He had become unemployed and applied for a slap around. It has been a while, but René's search work took place in the time that you really did not receive a mileage allowance for your mileage application. He decided to run on 'gas', on LPG. To convert his BMW into a gas tanker.

These were difficult times

To indicate how long ago this happened: René is the kind of man everyone is looking for now: He is a (mechanical) technician and now naturally has a great job again. But at the time of that crisis, quite a while ago, employers were only looking for 11-year-old whizzkids.

Cost saving as a goal

René decided that his travel costs should be reduced. He wanted to go on gas. He was fortunate in his technical background, a calm analyzing brain and relationships in the forklift world, an environment in which diesel forklifts were no longer allowed to drive indoors, but where LPG combustion engines were still okay. . He converted his BMW to LPG. And because he did that without in-depth computer calculations, the process went through trial and error, and occasionally a solid backfire. It is therefore possible to convert an LPG installation that had learned to deliver fuel for a forklift truck.

And it argues for a very quietly smart approach that the evaporator heating was then simply controlled by a length of red copper pipe to wind the right exhaust bend. Adjusting the air filter and getting the CO percentage in order also required a lot of attention. And the LPG tank? It just came to live in a side case. The engine has served for many years. Not anymore because René was out of work, but because driving LPG for commuting with a consumption of between the 1 on 14 / 1 on 17 is just slightly more expensive than riding a stolen bicycle.

Gas is interesting

René has got a pretty good grip on the LPG event. Because in addition to his boxertwin, he has also 'put on gas' a K75. The disadvantage is that the K75 blocks apparently are not LPG resistant, they collapse valve seats as pudding and to be able to adjust the valves the last time, René had to shorten the valve stems with an angle grinder. But oh well: you have a K75 block for € 100, and then the box is also there.

There are more plans

The red gas-fired BMW will probably be for sale later. Because there is a lack of space and an abundance of plans. Let's figure out how an engine runs on LPG RDW technically.

There are in any case a set of sidecar combinations that run on gas. And from one of them I know that LPG is on the license plate as fuel.

The evaporator


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  1. I have been driving LPG for years. 75.000km with a K75. It is nonsense that a K75 cannot stand LPG. The first time, slack drops fairly quickly. But that is because the fuel attack dissolves quickly. After that the play remains fine and I regularly drove the thing into the speed limiter. The 2-valve K-series is THE engine for gas. Now switched to a K100RT LPG. On license plate this time.

  2. LPG on motorcycles can simply be inspected at the RDW. Certificates of the tank and pressurized parts are required. After inspection you pay no extra road tax for a motorcycle.

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