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CLASSICSNL 2018. Growth and balance

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From 26 to 28 October, the fourth edition of CLASSICSNL was held at the WTC Expo. The fair again provided every reason for a visit. Under the leadership of Femke Beekink, the organization once again succeeded in combining high quality, accessibility and quality.

This year CLASSICSNL offered three appealing main subjects. The Austin-Healey Sprite is celebrating its sixtieth birthday in 2018, and that was a reason for the organization, in collaboration with Carrosso from Oldemarkt and the Austin-Healey Owners Club Nederland, to graduated cum laude to pay tribute to Frogeye. The main entrance of the fair was filled with a number of copies from the British manufacturer and with a carpet strip that served as a guide to the stand of the Austin-Healey Owners Club Netherlands, which was colored in by several copies of the British sports car brand. The Dinky-Toys box with the Austin-Healey 100 posted on it was an eye-catcher. The Austin-Healey Owners Club Nederland was extremely friendly on the stand by real enthusiasts with a very pleasant character. Thanks to Carrosso's efforts, the exhibition was one of the highlights of the fair. To enjoy, in several respects.


The central theme is also the timeline with iconic automotive appeal. Eleven iconic cars from history showed the life course of automobile development. The first car in the line was electric (Baker Electric Queen Victoria), the last - the Tesla Roadster - too. Furthermore, a T-Ford, a Spectacle beetle, a Chevrolet Corvette C2, a Cadillac Coupé de Ville and the inevitable queen Citroën DS part of the collection. Impressive, and less calibrated than expected.

Uniformed professions

Visitors with a preference for vehicles from defense institutions and emergency services could find a place in Hall 4. A fairly rare collection was displayed there. For example, the oldest ambulance in the Netherlands - a thoroughly restored Dodge from 1920 - and the Morris Continental of FEHAC figurehead Herman Steendam caught the eye. The Magirus Deutz ladder fire engine was also a nice marker.

Clubs and a unique Dutch car

This year, as usual, various clubs and the necessary commercial classic agents went to the WTC Expo. The clubs and the commercial offer were a wonderful place to be, and that also applied to the stand of Museum Cats, which was again decorated in its own style with mainly pre-war work from America and a unique Dutch car: the once-built Citeria .

Variety in supply, diversity in cosmetics

The commercial offer has traditionally been in the spheres of a high level. Classics and young timers from all over the world and in various price ranges ensured a quality experience, which was also complementary and ensured a high-quality balance in Leeuwarden. Candidates for a classic could of course contact the commercial participants. In addition, the Catawiki auction was once again organized this year. It showed good sales results for cars in various classes. CLASSICSNL also offered space for a parts promenade for the first time. Also striking: the growth of the range of automotive cosmetics. Passion for Shine, Mellema Car Cleaning & Detailing, Meguiars and Car Care Folkers showed the possibilities of cosmetic beautification and maintenance at the WTC Expo, while CarFix Heidstra again gave a nice insight into the world of restoration.

"Loving reactions"

The fourth edition of CLASSICSNL attracted more visitors than last year. From all over the country they passed the gates of the cash register. They witnessed a fair in which the high degree of coherence was particularly striking. The stands and the themes were perfectly coordinated, without outliers. Stock manager Femke Beekink was satisfied, and at the same time saw points of reference for the future. We have received many positive reactions to the diversity of our exhibition. We have succeeded in setting up an exhibition where variety is paramount. The growth of CLASSICSNL is once again positive for us, says Femke Beekink. “We do believe that more can be achieved from this fair. The organization will therefore go into conclave with its participants and visitors to make the fifth edition an even greater success ”.

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