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From 26 to 28 October, the fourth edition of CLASSICSNL will be held at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden. The beautiful classic exhibition started in 2015 and developed from that moment into an impressive classic event, where exclusivity and low threshold go hand in hand. We can already reveal that under the leadership of stock market manager Femke Beekink the recognisability is tastefully combined with new and surprising themes. Enthusiasts simply cannot ignore CLASSICSNL 2018 at the end of October.

From the start in 2015, the organization of CLASSICSNL has been integrating appealing themes into the exhibition program. During the fourth edition, the visitor is also assured of various beautiful subjects. The main theme of CLASSICSNL 2018 revolves around the development of the car in the twentieth century. The organization is bringing a number of iconic cars to the Frisian capital. They will represent the timeline from 1900 to the present. Femke Beekink indicated that the definitive interpretation of this will be “another surprise” for the visitors. ”But that we will make something special out of this.” A tip of the veil? A nice Spectacled Beetle, a Golf GTI, the first electric car (Baker) and the beautiful one Citroën DS Pallas are part of the historic timeline.

60 year Austin Healey Sprite

In collaboration with Carrosso from Oldemarkt and the Austin Healey Club Netherlands, the anniversary of a very sympathetic British car is being considered in Leeuwarden: the Austin Healey Sprite. De Frogeye (Kikkeroog) is celebrating the 2018-birthday at CLASSICSNL 60. "And that birthday will be filled in in a special way, with beautiful cars and special decorations," says Femke Beekink. The third theme focuses on the uniformed professions, in which a car was indispensable. In hall 4 you admire various classic ambulances, fire engines, army vehicles and a police car.

New participants

CLASSICSNL considers welcoming a number of new participants important and a crowning glory. Pedal To The Metal, a muscle car dealer, is one of them. This renowned company started out of love for these cars, and the CLASSICSNL organization promises that this participant will debut with a selection of attractive muscle cars at the fourth edition of CLASSICSNL.

Accessories and parts, auction of Catawiki

A new element within CLASSICSNL is the promenade with accessories and parts. This parts fair in the large promenade is an addition to the existing range, and makes CLASSICSNL complete and interesting for everyone. Furthermore, the Catawiki auction will be organized again during CLASSICSNL 2018. Just like last year, Catawiki will furnish a hall with classic cars, motorcycles, young timers, automobilia and model cars. They are auctioned live and online.


In addition to the attention for the theme cars, the auction and the parts and accessories section, work has of course been made on an extremely varied range, so that the fair is more than worthwhile for every car and classic car enthusiast. Visitors can purchase a discounted card online for just € 11,50. This is possible via the website:

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