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I've had one. Of course not real. But a replica. And it was a scale model. Size a large, detailed scale model. A model of an AC Shelby Cobra. And with respect for everyone: I think that is the most beautiful car in the world.

Rumor has it that the V8s did not fit the body of the First of the Cobras. According to legend, the optimal fit was obtained by modifying the bulkhead with a sledgehammer. Look, that's an approach that is simple and effective! Hammers are severely undervalued as tools.

When the production of something so beautiful was stopped, the demand more than stood

Even with enthusiasts who only knew the irrevocable track animals from their best dreams. That is why there was a wide production of - about - replicas. And that they were all made of polyester at first? Mwahhh. They seemed real enough and even if there was a two-liter four-cylinder under the hood, you had a nice car. The build quality of the 'Cobras' sold as a kit car varied enormously and depended on the financial capabilities and technical skills of the builders.

And everyone was pleasantly busy

Because it was different times. In today's times, millions of lawyers are scouring the internet and the world to root out such pieces of plagiarism. Mercedes-Benz set the tone for this by proactively prosecuting people and companies who allegedly made and sold Gullwing and SL 190 replicas. There is a report on how various as good as Gullwings and the production molds were destroyed under the supervision of a notary.

That example has also been followed by Bugatti and it is currently less smart to recreate Jaguar E-types. In the breadth of the field, a few companies are authorized to remodel noble types from the renowned brands, but then you really don't talk about more fun with less budget.

From the circuit to the safe

Meanwhile, the Real Copies have simply been priceless investment vehicles. That does not make them less beautiful, but it is sad. These types of cars are 'usually stuck' and are not much for sale. Or it must be at the big international auctions. But sometimes you just find one on the market. Like this 1964'er. The Shelby American World registry mentions that since 1970 the car belonged to one Mr. Hagerty. A full restoration was carried out between 1988 and 1989 by Motion Products of Neenah, Wisconsin. Mr. Hagerty offered the car for sale in 1991 but decided to keep the car. In 1995, the 'mileage' was still only 43.000 and the car won a competition award at the Chicago Historic Races in 1997. Since 1998, the car has been owned by the last owner and registered in the Netherlands.
The complete history of the car can be found in the World Registry of Cobras & GT40s. The car is priced in Brummen at € 839.000. And then we think the delivery costs are negotiable.

But also the really beautiful Cobra replicas are priced solid. There are a few highly regarded manufacturers and there are even tributes that feature hand-patted aluminum bodies.

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Powered by Ford. And if that is a Pinto 2 liter block? Also nice!


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  1. Once had the privilege of owning a Superformance Roadster with 393 stroker and then an SC 460 Big Block.
    The latter had 535 rude horses on the crankshaft but steered not half as good as the roadster. Childish fun: see how many car alarms went off in the parking garage… ..

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