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There classics purchasing (copy)

My Triumph and Hercules K125BW appeared quite unexpectedly via fanfare and acquaintances, 'from the network'.

So I suddenly had a lack of space. The approach was that Triumph was going to be used for work and Sunday rides and that the Hercules could become the local shopping bike and transport for rides with my 125 cc son.

That is why my loyal workhorse, the Guzzi SPIII, could leave. Just like the GS1000 café racer project that I didn't have time for. Because I wanted to get rid of that lack of space quickly, I put the Guzzi online for 1.500 euros and the Suzuki for 500. The Suzuki responded to someone called 'Rich' with an economical, but realistic enough offer. He replied by e-mail: “Deal! I'm coming!!" Like-minded souls always agree.

The responses to the Guzzi ad surprised me. There were emails asking to what extent the maintenance history was known. They were asked how many kilometers the engine could drive without repairs or malfunctions. How long I gave a warranty on it. Why the fork legs were yellow. (Because the previous owner liked that.) A great thinker said: “Without any notice to the contrary, I will pick up the bike tomorrow for 900 euros. Someone offered 800 euros plus a bottle of whiskey. Another reported that he was willing to pick up the bike for 800 euros, because the bike was worth the maximum. Someone said cleverly: “You certainly do without an invoice”.

Trading the good Guzzi for a Saab with damage did not seem like a good plan to me either. The first viewer actually had no money, wanted to trade in two defective engines and decided to drive to Groningen because there was also a Guzzi for sale. The second visitor was downright friendly, made a test drive and a whole photo report of the Guus. He went to consult with someone who had driven Guzzi. Never heard of it again.

A third called with a lot of questions. I told him my Guzzi was apparently not what he was looking for. He wanted to come and have a look and immediately. I warned again: "I think you should just buy a BMW K75 or K100." He came to Gelderland from Brabant. And was gone within a minute. My SPIII was not what he was looking for.

What about the man who came to get the engine if I didn't respond? It never came. I just waited. Then an acquaintance came along who knew that an acquaintance of his had an acquaintance who was just looking for an SP. It all ends well.

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  1. Ah, MP is sometimes really a barrel of madmen.
    Have done a lot of trade there, sold nice and also scored well.
    But the last few years it has become increasingly crazier.
    Especially not keeping appointments, or not responding to messages irritate me immensely.

    Or what some population groups do, ping in advance, and go through that whole process of the article again.

    Oh well, the white or yellow newspapers from the past are no longer printed, and you have to get rid of the stuff.

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