Next weekend: 42-th Antwerp Classic Salon with beautiful themes

Antwerp Classic Salon
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On Friday 1 March 2019 opens the 14 at 42 hoursth edition of the Antwerp Classic Salon. The 20.000 m² of Antwerp Expo are being refilled with hundreds of top classics, literature, scale models, automobilia, parts and clothing. In short: everything related to the classic car. This 42th edition has no less than four main themes, and these can be called beautiful. Lamborghini, la sensazione Italiana, 100 year Citroën, 60 year Mini and 65 year Chevrolet Corvette: these are subjects that every enthusiast will really look forward to.

Numerous collectors from various countries present very beautiful Lamborghinis in hall 4 of Antwerp Expo. Visitors can wallow in the full overview of the history of Italian Lamborghini, which nowadays operates under the wings of Audi AG. From the first 350 GT to the new Aventador, the organization has thought of all Lamborghinis. Those responsible in Antwerp also pay attention to the Lamborghini Trattori: the tractors.

100 years Citroën

In collaboration with the Belgian Club van Oude Citroëns and the DS / SM Club, the organization in Antwerp presents an extensive overview of models from the history of the French brand. Both clubs show the Type A, the Rosalie, the B10 / B14, the Traction Avant, the DS, 2CV, Ami, Dyane, GS, CX, BX and more. Citröen is in the spotlight this year, because the French are celebrating their centenary in 2019.

60 year Mini

On the 42th Antwerp Classic Salon is also the birthday of a much loved classic. It is a tribute to the brilliant design of Sir Alec Issigonis, which makes its debut in 1959 as Morris Mini Minor and Austin Seven. The Mini gained as Cooper S in the sixties eternal fame by winning the Rallye Monte Carlo three times. Only in 2000 did the Classic Mini retire after seven generations. In Antwerp, a complete overview of the various types, models, derivatives (such as the Riley Elf and the Wolseley Hornet) and special versions of this sympathetic car became available in Antwerp. , which was partly due to its use and consumption efficiency, the British response to the Suez crisis presented.

65 year Chevrolet Corvette

It was in June 2018 65 years ago that Chevrolet rolled the very first Corvette off the band. The car was actually still in a trial and error phase. The application of a plastic body was new. The popularity of the Corvette did not go so fast in the first few years, but after the necessary adjustments in the field of motorization and external modifications, the speed came in 1958. From that moment, the Corvette is indispensable from the Chevrolet range. The Corvette is still being built, now the Americans produce the C8 generation. The Belgian Corvette Club in Antwerp considers the anniversary of their favorite car, and takes a selection of unique Corvettes to Antwerp: from the first C1 from 1953 to the latest C8.

Prize for the most beautiful club stand

This year - in addition to various professional providers - other clubs will also appear. The clubs - which individually show their preference for their brand, model or classic-related items from other quarters - all compete for the prize for the best club stand. The BFOV will judge the stands and eventually distribute the prizes.

More information and ... easily accessible with old-timer

The aforementioned is only a selection of what the Antwerp organization has announced. That is why we refer you for more information about this great event to the website There you will find much more information about what is offered, prices and how you can reach Antwerp Expo. Talking about the latter: you can drive from all directions with the old-timer to the Antwerp Classic Salon, because you don't have to go through the Low Emission Zone to reach the halls in Antwerp.


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