If your company is involved in classics, or if your association or club is looking for additional members, then it makes sense to advertise on www.amklassiek.nl.

Every day, five to ten thousand classic enthusiasts come to take a look at the AMK site. Of course, the stories we publish every day are a popular landing point. That makes such a content banner, which we place at the bottom of every article, an excellent way to put your organization in the spotlights among the classic enthusiasts. And that's not even expensive. Because for € 50 we already put that banner under every article five thousand times. But of course that can happen more often. Because the power of good advertising is… indeed, repetition. You pay an extra tenner per thousand times. That's not much, is it?

We will divide the desired number of times that you want the banner to be visible over a month. Of course it is also possible to do this for several months, or just continuously. The budget remains nice and clear and you no longer have any work to do with it, except during setup.

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