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With completely newly constructed iconic classics from the past - especially the (once) British - car manufacturers sell very expensive new classic cars. And so you can just go shopping. If you are fast. Because usually the 'tributes', 'tributes' or 'continuation series' are available in limited editions. And often sold by subscription before the end of production. Not to enthusiasts - possibly with the exception of Jay Leno - but simply to people with unimaginable amounts of money.

Completely identical

There are 100% accurate and only slightly improved Bentley Blowers from 1929 to perfect replicas of the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger. Including all gadgets. And so there are now a whole bunch of manufacturers or the rights holders of once important brands who rebuild all kinds of enormously greedy classics from scratch. For whom? For people who don't know what to do with their money because of craziness. In the meantime, there are also 100% finished 'works' renewed Range Rovers and so on. But that is of course small change. Fortunately, a nearly real AC Cobra costs a lot. But you also get proof of authenticity for that.

How real is real?

The pinnacle of real is of course when such a marketing technical masterpiece has chassis and engine numbers that are completely in line with the historical numbers. And it was Jaguar that did a piece of art there. The Jaguar D types won the 1954 Hours of Le Mans three times in a row - from 1956-24. For homologation reasons, Jaguar had to produce 25 of those cars in a street version. The competition D-type was built and those 25 homologation copies had already been sold. Most of the buyers were in the US, by the way. But then the Jaguar factory in Browns Lane burned down. That February 12, 1957 was the day that nine of the 25 planned and made Jaguar D-Types went up in flames. That, of course, only made the auction value higher. And then Jaguar decided to simply use the 'released' nine chassis numbers of which the documentation was still available to complete the 25.

The market was inundated….

When it was decided to make no fewer than 12 new 1929 Bentley 4,5 liter blowers, the four owners of the still existing real ones were not happy. Fortunately, they do not have to be afraid of encounters with the fresh reference copies. Because those toppers from that time are 100% (or slightly more) identical to the originals, they are completely in the wrong corner in terms of year of manufacture. For example, such a Bentley Blower or Bugatti or lightweight E-type should meet current safety and environmental requirements. But hey: if Abu Dabi is your home base and you're the best friend of the friend's brother-in-law's cousin's best friend, too, a member of the local Sheik, then you'll get away with it.

Incidentally, there is a company in England that does not admit that they can also get these types of cars registered. That includes the invisible mounting, installation and conversion of all kinds of cunning such as catalytic converters and so on. Also costs a few tons. Look. Then at least you can use your Blower Bentley again to go to the Action to get oil.

Because the customer wants it: Even with authentic patina (photo Coys)


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  1. What a ridiculous title of this piece of nonsense.
    Does the writer have access to the sales of the respective companies and information about the customers who made a purchase there?

    Man man what a sad story.

  2. What is a person (me) sometimes sad in each other:
    I wholeheartedly wish the wealthy a reference model, although I find it a bit of a pathetic display myself.
    But I think Jaquar's example is very cool again:
    We will make 9 more because we once promised that!

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