Convertible driving this summer

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The summer of 2018 seems to be the ideal cabriolet summer in the eyes of people who don't own such a topless vehicle. But convertible owners know better. Driving open is hell with this weather.

Because with this kind of summers, overheating, sunburn or sunstroke and very stiff net and shoulder muscles lurk. The real carbrienners drive with this weather, therefore, preferably with the hood closed (and the air conditioning on).

But for real sun worshipers there are a few tips

* Always wear headwear. Driving open for a day that results in seeing nothing a few days later because the burned sheets are hanging in front of your eyes is not good. And for people who are somewhat limited under their head hair, a 'heat stroke' or heat stroke is a realistic but annoying option
* Drink enough. A day of driving can cause so much moisture loss in this weather that the reaction capacity is clearly reduced. And that is not something that you want to experience in traffic.
* Provide cooling. There are suppliers who have special cool scarves for sale. With such a thing around your neck or forehead (the forehead is an important 'heat window') the heat can be reasonably controlled. The Australian 'Cobber' is a good example of this

And for all classic riders the following applies: Don't put your classic away on such a cheerful yellow lawn. The heat from the exhaust alone can cause you to get into the 18.00 hour journal.

Convertible driving as it should be

When the hottest part of the day is over, the run-up to the summer evening begins. Then the hood can stay down. The sun no longer makes the interior so hot you can no longer hold the steering wheel The sun no longer protrudes, but the warm air caresses. Then enjoy the ride. From the feeling that otherwise only irresponsibly dressed motorcyclists know. Smell the evening sky. The dry grass. Make an extensive terrace stop or enjoy a late evening meal in the evening air

It is a fantastic summer. Enjoy it.

Under the other hood

Technically speaking, the weather is very warm under the hood in this weather. Classics that have worked faithfully so far show their dissatisfaction because the cooling water temperature rises mercilessly. Because a cooling system that does not work optimally (polluted radiator, sub-optimal water pump) no longer has any reserve at these temperatures. And a classic that so far did its job well can be felled by vapor locks.
That all deserves attention. But fortunately in this weather it is not so terrible to pause until the case has cooled. And we know a classic enthusiast who always has two folding chairs, a wine cooler with a bottle of white wine and a pair of glasses for these cases.

Let it be hot. Let it be cucumber time. Just turn those cucumbers into a tasty salad. Then you can have a nice picnic in the evening


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  1. I heard that a hot catalytic converter can also produce such a matte black car. A red-hot turbo from the 911, by the way

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