Corona and classics

ER Classics Desktop 2022

How that Corona thing goes on?

Nobody knows that. From Official Sources we have choices from “Two more weeks max” and “It is a Punishment of the Lord and all the Wicked will die”. Then we will talk about 'our' God, because I have read little about that of Islam and the Gods of Hinduism, Jaweh and Buddha.

In the meantime, the classic season has started with a mild rain of event cancellations. And that is very sad. Of course for all the people who were looking forward to the relevant events, but certainly for the organizers. Because a lot of visitors do not realize how much preparation and hassle it takes to set up an event.

This is not a problem with clubs, because everyone does it purely for his or her pleasure. Our club world is all about passion and volunteers. And we know quite a few club events where the preparation time is really six + months. Bringing together 700 Jaguars plus everything that comes with it, for example, is a full-time job.

Volunteers or pros

From passion and voluntariness you can say “together we tried it out”. Grab your 'loss'. But at larger events and fairs, the investment in time and money is of a completely different order. To the left or to the right, it is about invested hours, square meters and impressive logistics. Behind those larger or large exchanges there is a whole mass of people who are financially dependent on them. Because do not underestimate what is active in event organizations in our passion area. These are many people who deal with a lot of square meters and high amounts.

The matter is also difficult for the exhibitors, but is a bit more ambiguous

You can earn well at a good fair. There are also companies that see such a - even for their expensive - fair as a calling card and that assume that 'follow-up purchases' will follow. Therefore, the non-attendance of fairs is a missed opportunity for exhibitors. Only the exhibitors can comfort themselves with the fact that they do not have to pay for stand space for a non-ongoing exhibition and that it saves them a lot of hours and logistics.

In the meantime, we are therefore in a strange field of tension

If we need something, our trusted advertisers can always deliver what is requested. Because if the internet has ever proved its worth, it is now. And now you can finally do that subscription to Auto Motor Klassiek assume you had been planning for so long. Then you only have to go to the letterbox and not to the kiosk where you are only tempted to smoke again. Perhaps this time also teaches us to realize how shy we have become of the Chinese. Perhaps we see that it was not such a good plan to get everything we need from China. Because the same Internet and the associated globalization has made an almost definitive end to a lot of Dutch or let it be European manufacturing industry.

In the meantime, the air is cleaner than it has been in ages

It is nice and quiet on the street and there is no shortage I REPEAT: NO shortage of toilet paper.

So let's remain calm, reasonably sensible, and positive

Let's rejoice and put some extra money aside for when the postponed events go into the rematch. On a classic motorcycle you are always right with the 1,5 meter rule and classic drivers just take a ride on their own. Or they put the passenger in the back seat. Enjoy the peace. But bring some sandwiches and a thermos of coffee. Because the catering industry is locked. Friend Frits is Horeca. He has the doors closed and the freezer full. He will soon take his 1963 T-Bird and will soon drive.

And in the meantime there is probably still some work to do


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  1. Dear writers,

    what beautiful pieces you write.
    And idd, this crisis, makes us think. Do we still have to get everything out of China? Should we continue to materialize (yes, a new word here)?
    Do we really need that I phone of 1300, and yes, the profit goes mainly to apple though.
    Meanwhile, the whole world is left with this godforsaken Chinese bat-eating virus.
    My idea is: those Chinese should compensate us. Why does the taxpayer have to pay for this again, as always ??
    I just paid the mrb for my 2 bikes. But, can we still drive this season ???? My classics are also almost ready, but …….
    lots of car and engine greetings Jeroen

  2. it is already a lost season while it has not even started yet ...
    if bockhorn does not go through, I will hibernate until easter 2021

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