Cosmetics for the engine compartment

Looked under the hood: a Mercedes-Benz 200 engine compartment
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Cosmetics or beauty

Immediately invented after the creation of the Woman. But also important for men. For our classics of course. A glance into the engine compartment of a neat or attractive looking classic can be traumatic. Because what would you invest in what you don't see? But 40 + (or let it be 25) years of subcutaneous greasiness, dust and ironworm damage can look so frightening that a potential buyer leaves the building softly crying to do himself a brand new Dacia. The market has responded to this. There are specialists who, in good New Dutch, do 'engine bay detailing'. And that is a good thing in more than one respect.

Cosmetics for the engine compartment

The engine compartment of this Mercedes-Benz 200 has had such a cleaning and makeup turn. And that has brought the engine compartment completely in line with the convincingly beautiful exterior of this white beauty. The 'detail' of an engine room is not to be confused with an offensive with a high-pressure cleaner. It is a specialist job that requires a great deal of historical and product knowledge plus a lot of patience. With this Mercedes, the promotion was carried out beautifully by the selling party. The case is highly intensively cleaned, where necessary cosmetically refreshed, with new, correct damping material and the appropriate tectylation in the right places. Of course the basis of such a story must be healthy, but then it is more than worth the investment.

Cleanliness is preservation

In the meantime, the engine compartment has retained its authentic appearance, but it just looks spotless and well cared for. A clean engine compartment is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a perfect indicator of the condition of the power source and its environment. Moreover, in such a tidy setting, there are no moisture-retaining residues of dirt, greasiness, leaves and / or decayed insulation material, so no food for ironworms. In the case of this Mercedes-Benz, the fact that the four-cylinder engine and its fittings are so spotlessly clean also ensures that the viewer is confronted with the intrinsic build quality of Mercedes from the time that these cars were simply calculated on the basis of actual costs. Mercedes-Benz simply wanted to make the best cars in the world. Whatever the cost. And on top of that cost price, the desired margin was simply set. And whether the customers took it? They eat the. The times have since changed. Now the bookkeepers and marketers are at the helm…

Mercedes-Benz 200

engine: four-cylinder in-line engine, five-time crankshaft (from 1965), cylinder capacity 1.988 cc. Bore x stroke: 87 x 83,6 mm, compression: 9: 1, carburation: Solex 38PDSJ power 104 hp (with 1.275 kg, so don't expect miracles).




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  1. Was this done by a company, what are the costs of such a treatment, how much time does such a thing take and are addresses known?
    Have done the engine compartment of my '65 MGB but you keep busy ...

  2. Magnificent. It is certainly worthwhile to ensure a nice appearance even under the hood. That also gives a lot of pleasure. You do not see it continuously, but you do know it.
    Last year I polished 4 full days under the hood of my classic / young timer. I am not a craftsman of course, but the result gives a lot of pleasure. Can recommend it to anyone.

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