The crisis is over!

IMZ, KMZ, Dnepr, Ural
The crisis has stopped from Genemuiden
IMZ, KMZ, Dnepr, Ural
The crisis has stopped from Genemuiden

In the pit of the crisis, Richard Busweiler began selling what he had left. He traded in some things and traded in some things. His shed was suddenly too small. He moved to an 36 foot container on the site of an acquaintance. A second container was soon added.

Next step?

Now Richard has a neat hall where during our visit just two classics were sold while some five viewers came by. Richard is satisfied. Because he sells 'through his entire stock' From used parts to ZGAN classics.

Perhaps it makes a difference that a masterpiece there in Genemuiden costs a maximum of 3000-4000 euros. But with 1000 euros to spend for a complete engine, you will also end up there

imz, Ural, Dnepr

Okay, so they are not Harleys or Vincents. But the almost BMWs of IMZ, KMZ, Ural and Dnepr ...


Endearing right?



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