Animals that like Diesel

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Diesel drivers are facing increasing problems with their diesels. Because scary critters are going to grow in their tanks ...

What is going on? Diesel oil nowadays contains a part of biofuels, which government suppliers are obliged to mix. But this organic oil is an ideal breeding ground for small organisms, which under the influence of heat and water can quickly grow into slimy lumps. In the worst case, they clump up your fuel filter. In the worst case, they clog injectors, transit lines or other vital parts of the fuel system.

Another type of bacterium, which also occurs in mixtures of water, biofuel and diesel, is even meaner. The little snipers live without oxygen on the bottom of the tank and release an acidic substance that can attack the bottom of the tank, injectors and plungers.

In addition to biofuel, other factors play a role. Modern diesel oil no longer contains sulfur - and sulfur kills bacteria. The diesel is much more hygroscopic (water-attracting) than it used to be, which means that the water mixes more easily into the diesel and no longer drops to the bottom. As a result, the living space for bacteria is now larger than just the interface between water and diesel: they now have the entire tank as living space.

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