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ace fireball kitNo matter how nostalgic and unhurried we are: for most of us, motorcycling must be a bit dynamic.

Royal Enfield has already given the cross with the beautiful Continental GT, and now ACE has the Fireball tuning set for the former English pistils.

The set consists of a machined cylinder head with a much better flow and ceramic thermal barriers in the combustion space and the exhaust channel. That keeps the head much cooler and the heat where it belongs.

The new piston is 3 mm thicker, the camshafts are quite hot, but very suitable. A Carrillo connecting rod is the connection between crankshaft and piston.

For the gas supply there is a Mikuni TM32 flat slide carburetor on board

The kit was created by ACE Engineering LLC and that club is on a Yahoo group:

We have staggered the part prices and come ex. carburetor and exhaust on such an 1500 dollar. That's not much for a Bonnie Beater

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