Custom control cables and counter cables

Control cables
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'Cables', control cables and counter cables are things that we regularly deal with in the classic world. They require maintenance, wear and break. Replacement of control cables is often a matter of 'ordering and mounting'. Incidentally, that often goes wrong with items that come via Chinese lines or directly via Aliexpress. The overall quality of those things is often the case that throwing away after delivery is the best option. We have a few sad experiences with that.

Cables for special classics

And a fairly recent motorcycle such as a Honda Magna can already be a special classic. That is clear when, as a proud Magna owner, you want to order some control or counter cables. They are no longer available. This is because a factory is only required to supply parts until around ten years after the production of a model. And if the old warehouse stocks run out ... Too bad then. They are also much more understandable for exotic species such as a Condor 580, a Nimbus or a pre-war Peugeot, Bentley or a Sherman tank either.

Of course there are universal indoor and outdoor cables, plus very nice assortment boxes on all kinds of barrels, nuts, hand wheels and hollow bolts with saw cuts. So get the case done? That always works. But that is not original. And when it comes to real restoration work, it is precisely that originality that does it to him. And if there are no new, original or well-fitting control cables for such a project?

Then you will not get around customization

Newly made control cables that are completely in accordance with the original. And it suffices to send the old, broken copy or a drawing.

Visser-Tijhof: the second generation

"The man who stood at trade fairs with cables", that was Harry Tijhof. He also received people at home and did a lot in DKW parts, made cables and revised crankshafts. He died in 2004. His daughter and son-in-law first took over the cable factory in tribute. But the demand for 'cables that are nowhere to be obtained' has meanwhile made making cables their full-time job.

But also the old clientele of Harry Tijhof are still being served. These are mainly companies and clubs in Germany.

It is a craft

Making control cables is a traditional activity. It is not rocket science, but there are very few people who control the profession. Finding the basic materials alone can be difficult. Because indoor and outdoor cables have come in many forms over the decades. Not to mention all kinds of specific studs and wheel nuts. At Visser-Tijhof, those parts are not available as standard - and for those who know the way, there is still quite a lot to be found - turned in their own house, fried, drilled and knurled.

Piece work or for clubs and trade

Want to make one control cable from scratch? Which can. But Visser-Tijhof also makes series of cables for many 'well-known brands'. Knowing more? Look at FB or

Control cables
For a Condor 580

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