DAF 46 (1976) by Willem: pure beauty.

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We go back in time, when Hub van Doorne's dream became reality with the introduction of the first Dutch passenger car, the DAF 600. The 'smart poker' was an overwhelming success at the RAI in 1958. William knows the entire history of the rise and also the fall of the DAF passenger car, but also the revival of DAF in its hobby life. Today it is his DAF 46's turn.

By: Dirk de Jong

Garage Potgieter is an example of a company that has grown with the advent of mobility. The Potgieter family started a forge in Stadskanaal in 1872 and have grown from there to the present day. The time we look back on with William is dealership from the 60s until the takeover of DAF to Volvo. 

DAF 46

William: “I cherish the beautiful memory of the time we were a DAF dealer. A car that still attracts attention in traffic is my shiny green DAF 46. I thoroughly enjoy the rallies that I drive together with Harm Sijpkes in the Netherlands, but also in England, Scotland and Germany. In practice, it always turns out: For many, the DAF is a feast of recognition, memories of how it used to be, and wonderful to experience it again.” 

Key of satisfaction

William puts enthusiasm into his activity when it comes to DAF. This DAF 46 certainly deserves a beauty prize. If you visit his warehouse, you will take a journey through time, because there are ten DAFs there too. Not all in museum quality, but very special. There are some DAFs 33, 44, 66 and even a DAF 77. (Well, the DAF 77 was ready on the drawing board, but the takeover of Volvo made it the Volvo 340.) If you look at his collection, old reviving times, the smell of the DAF, you just feel the time of the past. This clearly shows that William does not rest in the normal lifespan of the cars, but wants to extend it. It has become part of his personality. 

Additional proof? 

William speaks with passion when it comes to his classic beauties. It is noticeable in the sound of his voice, the attitude, the pleasure with which he speaks about the property. As people with a passion for classic cars, we instinctively feel that his enthusiasm is genuine. (If you drive DAF you have friends!)  

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DAF 46 (1976) by Willem: pure beauty.
DAF 46 (1976) by Willem: pure beauty.


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  1. Very nice William!

    Potgieter is a household name here in the region, customer friendliness is their top priority!

    It is not for nothing that my daf 33 from 1972 has a replica dealer sticker from the Potgieter car company.

  2. That 46. What a jewel say!
    Close your eyes and I can still hear that Daf accelerating and accelerating. And that went fast!
    Very nice. Thanks again for the nice article!

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