DAF 55 Coupé (1972) and Graziëlle Caravan of Heino and Joke. A stylish combination.

DAF 55 Coupe (1972)
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In the busy holiday traffic in Norg (Dr) we had to give way to this particularly beautiful and stylish combination at the roundabout. As enthusiasts, we naturally have the habit of waving to each other and raising our thumbs.

By: Dirk de Jong

That little ritual gives a good feeling, it indicates the connection between the classic drivers. The real DAF enthusiasts know: If you drive on wheels in that piece of Dutch nostalgia, you make a valuable contribution to the enjoyment of your fellow road users.


Countless books and articles have been written about the clever poker, because there are many enthusiasts. But chance encounters are more about the story behind the car. Fortunately, we could not only look forward to this combination, but were also able to listen to the story of the owners.

Heino & Joke

For Heino and his wife Joke, no memories have been lost when it comes to DAF property. He was able to spontaneously reclaim his car life. His stories showed an indestructible enthusiasm that started with a piece of youth sentiment. As a 15-year-old Heino went to stay with a nephew and uncle had been a representative of DAF trucks. This of course had a DAF passenger car as a daily car. That is where the close relationship with DAF started very slowly.

A fairytale?

It is almost a fairy tale, but the special car remained in mind and became completely tangible when his father himself – together with Heino – decided to purchase a DAF 33. From that moment on, DAF continued to play a very important role in his life. Heino later took over the DAF from dad and now many years later (and many DAF's later) the charm still continues to attract.

Still curious about the cars that have graced his yard?

Three DAF 33s, one of which was made to run and the other two were used for parts. A type 46, which Heino took over from a fellow villager due to his advanced age. And finally, and that is now special, a 1962 Daffodil that has been owned and cherished since 1994. And it is also important to report that a Volvo 343 L has been driven, actually a DAF 77, which unfortunately did not get past the drawing board and was released as 343 by Volvo.

The bright yellow Daf 55 Coupé

Heino: “We found this Graziella caravan. Its low weight and aerodynamic design made it a perfect match for our DAF. A coupe we bought 9 years ago. The almost 50-year-old DAF Coupé makes driving so much fun, the enthusiasm on the road shows that it is now being talked about with respect. That used to be different. We have a lot of support within the active DAF club when it comes to parts and maintenance. We therefore want to maintain the hobby for as long as possible, share experiences and participate in the club's rides.”


It is possible that the old-timer possession sometimes disappears into the background. We then project the feeling of happiness onto other things, such as the friendships that have arisen, the mutual solidarity, and also the fulfillment of tasks at DAF events. And while we're on the subject of happiness. In 1998 the wedding car of Heino and Joke was of course a DAF. There is no better start, it is almost a guarantee for a good marriage. The story of Heino and Joke ended with a Grandpa who came by bicycle with his granddaughter. "Look Grandpa, that's a house car."

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  1. Wonderful story as are the photos. I used to be horrified by a Daf, now I like it so much that I also bought a 55 coupe myself. For me the most beautiful model that has come off the drawing board.

  2. This is a graziella life. I myself had 110. Years. I still have pictures that I had the caravan behind a Buick Centrifuge. Don't wash a face. Buick was 6 meters
    Jacob van Orle

  3. What a great meeting and story again. The Daf is of course iconic, but I was not familiar with the caravan brand yet. Should be a Lander Graziella 300.
    A very light but robust caravan.

    I am looking for such a caravan, an Eriba Puck or a DDR caravan to rent for behind my duck. It must not weigh more than 400 kg braked, then it is street legal and doable. Driving ahead in a traffic jam is something you do with such a combination.

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