DAF 600 (1959) and Continental caravan. Ron's exceptional combination. 

DAF 600 (1959) and Continental caravan. Ron's exceptional combination.
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We cannot repeat history. But we can relive it in our minds when we see this beautiful DAF drive by. With this pearl of Dutch automotive history, we imagine ourselves back in years long gone. If you own this special combination, a 600 DAF 1959 pulling a Continenta caravan, you must have a warm, social heart. You are approached a lot along the way and then it is important to share the classic passion. In traffic on the road you are admired and… stared after.

By: Dirk de Jong 

How did this hobby for Ron come about? Was it a good way to fight boredom? Or perhaps as a medicine for the stress in our society of the spectacle? Ron Hoogenberg has always had a thing for cars and came across the DAF about 12 years ago. As a skilled welder, he saw that the DAF 600 had already been worked on before and the sills and screens had been replaced. Given the condition of the DAF, he was forced to weld in a new bottom plate, no problem at all for a hardworking and experienced welder. 

Continental caravan

Such a unique DAF 600 would of course be matched by a Continenta caravan, which was given a new lease of life with the help of his friend Gerry Ursum. All woodwork was renewed and the outside received a beauty treatment, now also about ten years ago. The 250 kilo Continenta minicaravan is now being pulled imperturbably by the DAF 600. 

Just keep in mind

On the way to unlikely places, contact with nature, enjoy the peace. Stop along the way, in the caravan for a cup of coffee, put on your slippers and make yourself at home. What do I say: Pretend? You are simply at home! What a luxury, no parking fees, no hotel costs. With the house on wheels behind the beautiful little car. 

DAF 600

This sensational Volkswagen had an air-cooled two-cylinder engine. It was the ancestor of all DAF's passenger cars, which was further developed into the eventual type 33. The technology, the variomatic, was a brilliant invention of Dr Hub van Doorne, a technically brilliant man who had earned more success with the DAF. This DAF 600 with the clever poker is still a hit in the classic world. The really very first model, how many would there be left? 

In love with the DAF 600? 

Now that Ron gave the DAF a new lease of life to a new owner, it appeared that masses of enthusiasts responded. Phone calls from museums, messages from abroad. Actually logical because the combination DAF 600/Continenta Caravan is simply museum-worthy. The choice was not easy, after all, it is now about the higher price segment due to its exclusivity. A real collector was successful. The DAF 600 gets a place in his collection with various DAFs. The pride of the new owner's property remains! 


Perhaps it is good to reiterate that the battle for a good image in the classic world has long been won. Dutch glory is cherished and much sought after. After his long ownership, Ron can be proud that a destination has been found that does justice to the history of our own Dutch passenger car. 

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  1. When I hear daf my thoughts go back to 1973.7 years old and the car I learned it in. my first car. in the picture I am the instructor of my sister who was 15 months older. no not the first daf convertible but because it was so hot that summer, my father had just put the saw in the roof. Also pay attention to the 2 garden cushions on the chair, otherwise we would not reach the pedals.

  2. Variomatic………………………., I still remember our DKW hobby scooters well, I thought somewhere around 1954, 74 cc two-stroke, pull starter and variomat without (centrifugal) clutch, “decoupling” was done by means of a cable operated gaff to move one of the conical drive discs outwards with which the wide V belt came to lie loose or dragging, everything far ahead of its time as a scooter, with the larger wheel sizes that are now withdrawn the Hobby already had 16″ combination of motor and scooter benefits.

    • Mr Peeters, maybe you can think about it while enjoying an e-cigar (do they already exist) and an alcohol-free whiskey (I don't know either) and possibly an article from your oil and grease smeared and plastered key hand dedicate to…………………

      • Oops Dolf, I now understand it goes even further back, and that until the thirties and forties in America. At Salsbury/Motor glide, then already a scooter with a comparable variosize. Which were used and abandoned by the Allied during WWII. From which one Enrico Piaggio but perhaps also Das Kleine Wunder were able to learn afterwards.

  3. What a beautiful combination! And many memories of this DAF come to mind. We had one of those then too. A black one with a roof and license plate BK-91-18. When we went to buy this we were allowed to go into the factory at the Geldropseweg in Eindhoven to really see our own car in the construction! Think about that again. My brother and I also got a metal model DAF-je. We went on holiday with it with a Travel Sleeper behind it. Happy memories.

  4. Although I think that our mobile heritage should continue to drive, it might be a good thing here that this unique piece of Dutch driving heritage will stay in a museum for generations to come. Let us know which museum so that all heritage lovers can enjoy it soon. Then we have 2 birds with one stone, as the museum can immediately recoup its purchase through ticket sales.

  5. I totally agree with That other Pascal. It is a pity that DAF as a passenger car did not survive. The DAF77 would eventually become the Volvo 343 and so on. The variomatic was, is and remains ingenious. Not just in the car. It is also indispensable in scooters. I am not aware of the exact relationship to Van Doorne's variomatic, but it works in the same ingenious way. Although the Dafjes were not exactly known as economical because of that Variomatic. They accelerated like the best 😎

    • I think the story is that the system already existed (for machines, among others) and that DAF saw the prospect of putting it in a car (as a variomatic). Despite unfortunate marketing and a cynical press, it was a reasonable success. Incidentally, the direct successor of the variomatic is the CVT (Bosch). There are a few more derivatives on the wiki.

      I don't really know why we are often skeptical about our own top companies and top products in the Netherlands. In addition to DAF, for example, Fokker, Hollandse Signaal, Philips and Werkspoor also died undeservedly (or whether or not they were split into chunks). It must be in the Dutch merchant spirit. Acting makes you less tired than working and thinking.

  6. What a beautiful combination, a picture.
    AND..not entirely unimportant; Dutch pride.
    Reviled by its drive, doomed to the elderly mobile…but secretly very progressive and an example for others.
    In fact, it seems that DAF did not survive as a passenger car brand.

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