DAF 66 1300 Marathon Coupé. The surprising purchase of Cor Tjepkema

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When Peugeot and Citroën adept Cor Tjepkema sends an app message with the news that he has bought a DAF 66 1300 Marathon Coupé from 1975, there is some surprise. And not only that: there is also immediate delight. Moreover, the brand new DAF owner lives around the corner, which means that a quick introduction to the coupe from Dutch soil is imminent.

Cor and I have known each other for several years. And when the DAF 66 1300 Marathon Coupé, painted in Terrana, is in Leeuwarden for a few days, I visit the new owner. Cor is delighted with the acquisition. The coupé spent much of its career in Germany. Back in the Netherlands, the DAF was restored to its former glory by Moor for the Weekend from Werkendam. They cleverly understood the art of turning over-restoration to omit. That resulted in a clean and original looking classic. Staal Classic Center from Gorinchem was offered an excellent classic and there Cor bought his fine DAF, which also reveals its historic build quality in restored condition. And that is at a high level.

Historical purchase price justified

Along the way you will notice why buyers did not receive a DAF 66 as a gift. In all respects you notice that the urge to save and construction did not go together at DAF. The business was carried out properly, and had a hint of luxury without renouncing its down-to-earth character. In the copy of Cor you notice that the build quality of the DAF was also good before the restoration. Speaking of which: the finish with wood accents, carpet and the seats with fabric and artificial leather upholstery with integrated headrests (standard since the arrival of the 1300 Marathon in 1973, the DAF 66 1100 Marathon did not have these) reflect a nice ambition in that area. .

Center console with placement option for extra meters

You also see a center console with the possibility to place three meters. DAF equipped the 1300 Marathon with this as standard. Those who wanted clocks in the console could order them. The racing flag in the center of the steering wheel was a relic from the first Marathon years, and we do not find it within Cor's DAF. The model designation is displayed there.

Stripes and spotlights

On the outside you can mainly see from the large black stripes on the flanks and on the boot lid which version you are dealing with. Of course, that image is reinforced by the 1300 Marathon inscription, and you can also find that indication under the hood again. And unlike the early 66 Marathon, the DAF delivered the 66 1300 Marathon versions with spotlights in the grille. Cor's car also carries it with verve. Furthermore, the 1300 Marathon got things like a laminated windshield and self-adjusting rear brakes as standard.

Running in again

The technical part of the DAF also got a revival. When the engine is in a cold condition, you notice that the coupé has to be run in again, as it were. After the first 1.000 kilometers driven, the DAF goes back for an extra inspection, a nice fact. When the 1.289 cc Cléon-Fonte engine (Renault) is at operating temperature, you notice how beautifully it spins. The interaction with the Variomatic meanwhile is a delight. The variable transmission works smoothly. He gives the DAF its own lively and special (touring) dynamics and driving character.

Course stability

Speaking of dynamics: the placement of a De Dion Axle on the DAF 66 compared to its predecessor resulted in more course and, above all, cornering stability. In addition, the unsprung weight is lower, which improves balance. The 66 is very well on the road, and its suspension and damping characteristics strike a nice balance between firm and comfortable. DAF also had things well organized with this car and it proved that the predecessor (DAF 55) room for evolution. And the 55 was already made of the right stuff. He came across more youthful, the 66 grew into adulthood.

Brothers on the way

This way, on a beautiful Sunday morning in Frisian, you get a good impression of the DAF 66 1300 Marathon Coupé. And that gets an extra boost when we meet a fellow townsman in a Volvo 66 on our way to Leeuwarden. A Combi that has been slightly retro-modified. Because the Combi carries DAF parts. Not much later, the necessary experiences are shared for the house of the Volvo 66 owner. It results in the promise to do a duo report with two 66 derivatives and their owners, which is really something to look forward to.

Special classic from Dutch soil

Back to the DAF 66 1300 Marathon Coupé. This car keeps another special car from Cor keeping company: the oldest Peugeot 505 in the Netherlands. Regular readers are familiar with this Peugeot, and of course we will do everything we can to introduce you to the brand new acquisition of Cor. Because during a first impression it became clear that he bought a special classic with the DAF 66 1300 Marathon Coupé. And a very good one too.

Photos: Erik van Putten and Staal Classic Center, Gorinchem


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  1. top car. have also worked with dafjes myself from the 600 up to and including the volvo,
    personally you could turn harder with the 55 🙂
    it was a very nice time for me to work with those cars.
    a pity that too few of them have been left.

  2. It is a pity that so many Dafjes were destroyed for reversing at the time (although I thought it was a wonderful program as a child)

  3. Nice article… I have owned a 14ya myself for 66 years. However, I had to sell this with much reluctance because of storage problems ... the registration number is VF-71HY. Does anyone have any idea where my old love is now .. ??

  4. Beautiful Daf Cor!
    My father worked at Daf all his life, including when it was Daf…. however, the van Doorne car was too far ahead of its time, something that did not catch on with the masses. Of course, Daf is not the only one to undergo. Fortunately, we still partly have the NL trucks!

  5. Nice detail, the owner of the combi (a friend of mine) also has a very modern car with Variomatic. Namely an Audi a4 b7 avant with the 1.8T. At Audi it is called different, but the idea is the same.

  6. Nothing wrong with it! I personally think the coupé is really beautiful in line, the most successful model from Michelotti and it is a shame that Volvo dropped it. If you get back in after many years, it is striking how nice a 66 1300 Marathon runs. Finer than the later Volvo 343, for example, which in my opinion is much earlier high in the revs. The 66 sends light, lies like a log on the road, runs quietly, everything is clear and nothing is cheap.

    You could have the center console filled with a clock, tachometer or vacuum gauge, but it also fits the standard 52mm VDO gauges, which were available at any car shop for sale.

    Around 1973, two things happened that hit the then fourteen-year-old Daf passenger car production in the face. The first was the oil crisis. Car-free Sundays, fuel coupons and a very uncertain future. Sales fell for all brands, but Daf was a small manufacturer and was therefore less able to respond to the economic situation. The second was the "Japanese invasion". People who, despite the oil crisis, were looking for a new car could suddenly buy a modern-looking Datsun, Toyota or Mazda sports coupé for the same money, with everything already included as standard. No economical three blind plates where you had to put your meters in yourself, but a radio, tinted glass, a lighter, a clock and tachometer from the factory.

    fl. 13.035, - this car cost in 1975.

    For a similar amount you bought a BMW 1502, a Chrysler 160, a Citroën GS X2, a Ford Capri 1300L, a Mazda 929 Hardtop Coupé, an Opel Ascona 1.9S / R, a Renault 16TL, a Subaru 1400 Coupé GSR, a Toyota Celica 1600ST, a Triump Dolomite, a Vauxhall Magnum 1800 or a VW Scirocco. In that playing field, this DAF, no matter how beautiful, could not win.

  7. Very nice marathon! My 1st own car was an old 44 when I started at HTS Autotechniek, then still in Apeldoorn. Once an evening rally was organized around Apeldoorn and there I actually won 3rd prize with my fellow student as navigator. Mainly due to the fact that we, having made a mistake on a narrow country road, could reverse just as fast. So it was quite a laugh!

    Which sold again after a year and bought a then about 10 year old Alfa Giulia GT Sprint 1600 from '66. Actually a coincidence: I heard about a Fiat 124 convertible and went to have a look at it. It turned out to be just as open from below as above with the hood down, really totally rotten, so that was nothing. But that Alfa was also there and then bought it. Nice car, even overhauled the box when it got stuck at 180 due to a shortage of oil because there was a leak. Adventurous, especially towing back rather quickly from Beilen to Apeldoorn behind the Mercedes of a fellow student. How people looked when they were overtaken on a 2-lane road and suddenly saw a towing cable after the Mercedes and then an Alfa… Big laugh, afterwards or 😉

  8. DAF is an icon from Eindhoven and this DAF is also a textbook example of Brabant's knowledge, expertise, pride, strategy, taste, approach, commitment and intelligence.
    When I see a DAF I am still filled with pride 😀

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