DAF 66 SL (1974). Adventure in Lapland

DAF 66SL (1974)
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For Joris van Nispen, Volvo is the beloved car brand. Maybe that's because he has a place of refuge in Sweden. His holiday home there also a 'home' to enjoy the small pleasures of life and also sometimes keep life in balance due to his busy work in the Netherlands. Joris bought a 66 DAF 1974 SL in Lapland.

By: Dirk de Jong 

From that house in Sweden, Joris often came to Lapland and bought a classic Volvo 145 DL there. The snow had no influence on the beautiful Volvo, after all, it is sprinkled salt-free, with the result: a rust-free history. He also owns a Volvo 262C, also from Lapland. The connoisseur knows that this is a very special Volvo, completed by Bertone. 

Purchase of Swedish DAF 66 SL 

When Joris came into contact with the owner of a Swedish DAF 66 SL for sale, which had not been used for decades, after a tip, the sale was quickly concluded. The only defect that was known was that the alternator was broken and the car no longer recharged. Furthermore, the car was in excellent condition and ready to drive. The DAF 66 SL was continuously improved on many points. This car even came with a Volvo manual and had the well-known extras such as headlight washers, wipers and parking heater. It must therefore have been one of the last types that went to Sweden for export, because around that time the cooperation with Volvo came about. Which eventually became a takeover. 

The way back 

The DAF 66 SL was picked up from Lapland and stored 600 kilometers to the south at the holiday home. Here preparations were already made for a second life in the Netherlands. The battery has been replaced. There was a new multi-belt. The car got polished, waxed, and more of the kind of things needed after many years of stoppage. 

The unlucky person 

Once the DAF came to a standstill. The battery turned out to be completely empty and the spark plugs had no spark anymore. The Swedish roadside assistance took Joris to a car electronics specialist, where he learned to sleep in a DAF 66 right outside the door. It bears some resemblance to (trying to) sleep on an intercontinental flight. But the next day he got a breakfast from the company and with a new voltage regulator and a revised alternator the DAF 66 was quickly on its way again. The last part from Sweden to the Netherlands he was driven smoothly at 100 kilometers per hour. 

Successful rescue

Who does not know the stories of excitement and adventure to rescue a car - even from distant lands - that has been in a shed or shed for years? Joris van Nispen had the decisiveness to achieve this and to feel the satisfaction of saving a DAF. And now that he is ready again and the car appears in the Netherlands (with a new owner) he can be satisfied and happy.

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